Rounders Reveals All

The movie Rounders show two friends trying to work together to pay off what’s to them a massive debt resulting in all kinds of trouble and issues for the pair. Today nothing has changed with players pairing up to make ground breaking profits or alike the characters played by Matt Damon & Edward Norton to pay off debt.

Increasing Box Office Revenues – Win-Win Situation

The future shines bright for the movie watching community in India. A booming economy, a young audience profile, the onset of the multiplex culture and increasing spending patterns bode well for all stakeholders – movie exhibitors, movie makers and the audience. If the opportunity is seized and acted upon with the audience in mind, it could reap in profits for the exhibitors.

White Cyc Studio Visual Effects

Have you watched the series Star Trek on TV? Have you seen a Star Wars movie? Have you seen a Sci-Fi movie or TV series involving outer space? Have you wondered how they created the scenes flying in outer space? Most of the visual effects for these programs were filmed in a white cyc studio using infinity cycs.

Are Star Trek Worm Holes a Myth?

This analyzes the occurrences of wormholes in Star Trek. Wormholes are being conceived and theorized about in our present day society. You would think they would have figured it out by the 24th century.

Hollywood Or Bollywood – Which is Superior?

There was a time when a multi-stared film with item numbers created spark and did a good business at the box office. But at present, things are changing very fast and the Bollywood is adopting western style and techniques which is quite evident in some of the recent movies like Kambakkht Ishq, Love Aaj Kal, and Blue, etc. Hollywood stars and celebrities such as supermodels, pop singers, or famous actors, are entering the Bollywood film industry.

Gossip Girl Episode 12 – The Debarted

Top reasons to watch Gossip Girl: music, fashion, and Drama. While “The Debarted” seemed like it was going to primarily deal with Chuck’s issues, Serena’s issues take the forefront. This Gossip Girl episode opens with Tripp and Serena looking like they’re about to get into a car accident. You’re kept on the edge of your seat because we don’t get back to this scene almost until the episode ends.

Vampires on TV – Giving More Excitement Than Ever Before

It’s a vampire invasion on both big screens and the small screens. With another success from the cast of Twilight for its second installment, rumors have been flying out that they were plans of having it as a TV series.

Movie Genres and Audiences

The term “genre” can be defined as the loose set of criteria for a category of composition. For movies, the genres refer to various categories. Movies can be classified into some major genres. Many of the major genres hold the majority of popular movies, while the less popular genres have movies that appeal to a smaller segment of people.

Sky TV HD – The High Definition Home Entertainment

With the present economic recession looming like a dark canopy overhead, every business has felt the jolt and now into consolidating their position by finding newer and better means to market their product through improvisation and through innovative marketing strategies. Recession time marketing strategists employ a whole lot of means and methods to attract customers in these dull markets. They might either sell old wine in new bottle or may invent a totally new range of product and services at revised and lower rates than before, or offer a multitude of discounts.

Which Die Hard Film is the Best?

Die Hard is the world-known action film series starring John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) as the New York cop that always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. For a long time the series was a trilogy – and a brilliant trilogy.

Christmas Movie Takes on Modern-Day Scumbags

IT took 166 years before a movie on Charles Dickens’ story book “A Christmas Carol” got into the silver screen. And apparently, it’s worth the wait.

The Planet 51 Movie and Related Toys – The Soldiers

Planet 51, which is a great story for kids to watch, has had several Planet 51 toys that have been issued already, and there is more to come. The Planet 51 movie begins like most of the 1950’s era science fiction films. You see a boy and girl alien from the Planet 51 sitting in a drive in watching a movie, when all of a sudden an alien appears.