“The Reader” – A Film Reflection

I have been haunted by my memories of “The Reader” since viewing it recently. There is very good reason that Kate Winslet ran away with a 2009 Academy Award for her role as Hanna Schmitz, a woman harboring a secret Nazi past while conducting a summer love affair with a fifteen-year-old boy. Winslet is enthralling in this role. While on the surface, one could condemn Schmitz’s actions, there are too many layers in this emotional human drama to make it merely black and white.

How TV Shows Have Helped Certain Industries Thrive

This article will discuss how reality television shows have had a direct impact on certain jobs, especially those in the entertainment industry. It will talk about what specific jobs it has helped and why.

Movies in India – Becoming a Global Part

In present conditions, the business in movies in India is growing with a fast speed. Indian movies are famous worldwide to give a glimpse of Indian culture and tradition. In recent times, the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” rocked the whole world when it won 8 Oscar Awards. Indian people have a firm affinity for movies as they allow people to enjoy in an instructive way. Movies made in India are not only famous in the nation but they are also famous in neighboring countries. It’s because people living in various nations also want to enjoy watching Indian movies that let them feel as if they were in their own country.

Transformers 2 – The Movie

Have you seen Transformers the Movie (either the recent one) or the coming Part 2? Did you realise something missing? What was it?

About Cinema

Cinema is another wonderful gift of science. It has become one of the most popular sources of entertainment and enlightenment. Today it is usually called ‘Motion pictures’.

Sell Your Reality TV Idea, But Keep All the Rights

If you want to sell your Reality TV idea or documentary film, one of the most effective ways to get your program funded is to partner with a corporate underwriter or consumer brand with a similar target audience. Look for opportunities to align your program with unique but subtle opportunities for product integration. Look, not just in in traditional ways like, “product placement”, but rather, look for unique opportunities for full product and brand messaging integration.

What is New in Transformers 2?

Everything is new in Transformers -Revenge of the Fallen, except for the director, producer, and the basic cast, but no one is going to complain about that. No one can be better than that team. The team which gave the mega blockbuster Transformers is back with another splendid creation. Transformers – revenge of the fallen is completely new, different, innovative, and original.

Angels and Demons – Let the Angels Guide Your Time Away

Angels and Demons is by far the magnum opus of Mr. Dan Brown as far as I am concerned. It had a good plot and suspense and terrific research attached to it. It was one of those books that really worked my imagination.

Does TV Melt Your Mind?

Many neuroscience studies have been done on the effect of television on the human brain. It seems that the visual stimulation is like a drug, as it picks up the viewer’s brain activity and then once it reaches a peak, it stops and slowly goes back down. Almost the same as energy bars, caffeine or even sugar.

Torchwood Review

This is a spin off from Doctor Who. Jack was killed off, resuscitated and abandoned sometime in the future but inexplicably we now find him safely back in the present leading ‘Torchwood’ an organisation which investigates and deals with inexplicable phenomena (like X-Files). John Barrowman, whose guest appearances on Doctor Who added a fun and humorous element to the show, seems to only be able to truly shine while in the presence of a Doctor.

Intercultural Comical Indo Western Story – Quick Gun Murugan at MOMA

The movie has been conceptualised as a typical western that was in vogue in the 1970s, of course with a few tweaks here and there to adapt it to local tastes and modern perceptions. Rajendra Prasad plays a cowboy who fights for vegetarianism and takes on the powerful villain who advocates non-vegetarianism.

Top-10 List of Best TV Show One-Liners

TV has made us laugh at times and at times cry. Taking a trip down memory lane, this article intends to bring a smile to your face. Mathew presents to you his all time Top 10 List of Best TV Show One-Liners. Hope you enjoy reading and smile your way through the article.