Anatomy of Grey’s Anatomy

Just what is it about Grey’s Anatomy? There’s McDreamy of course – but then hey, recent fortune offers up a stellar group of good looking male actors gracing the tube. No, it’s not all about him. It’s more about the whole ensemble cast and what each of them brings to the table – not only operating table – in this Seattle hospital based drama.

X Factor 3 Preview – 4Sure

4Sure are named as such because they are four men sure of their destiny.

That’s So Raven: A Review of “Olivia Cosby’s” Comeback

That’s So Raven is a show on nickelodeon that has dramatically impacted the television viewing teens of Americans today and for what it is worth, the fact that a young intelligent larger-sized black woman can entertain America’s children without sexually based connotations has much to say for our children choice of entertainment and the television industry. We may just be heading in the right direction with respect to role models for our children after all.

Prettiest Woman in Turkish Show-biz Stumbles – Will She Fall?

Our mama always told us that ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. And it’s exactly that truism that has drawn Turkish Super-Star Hülya Avsar, over the past several months, into a blossoming controversy – for which she is largely to blame. It actually started understandably enough.

X Factor 3 Preview – Raymond Quinn

Raymond Quinn is an 18 year old student from Liverpool and almost didn’t make it to the final 12 of the X Factor.

X Factor 3 Preview – Ben Mills

Ben Mills is 26 years old, from Kent and is the director of his own marquee company which he has done for the last four years.

X Factor 3 Preview – Nikitta Angus

Nikitta is an outsider to win the X Factor outright and placed fourth out of four to win the 16-24 category according to the bookmakers.

X Factor 3 Preview – Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis is 21 years old, from London and works as a PA / receptionist.

X Factor 3 Preview – Kerry McGregor

Kerry McGregor is 31 years old, from West Lothian and is a full time single mother to 18 month year old Joshua.

Nostalgia: Black and White Halloween Horror Hits

The author takes us back to the time when low-budget horror films were in black-and-white and movie theatres in small towns had to do their own promoting. He recalls such films as BLACK SUNDAY, THE UNDEAD, I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN, and William Castle’s MACABRE. His own efforts to promote films shown by his father in very small theatres have a nostalic ring to them — as well as childish, which something he admits. The article is subtitled I WAS A TEENAGE UNDEAD WITCH.

X Factor 3 Preview – The MacDonald Brothers

The MacDonald Brothers, Craig at 20 and Brian at 19, are bound to draw comparison from Journey South of last series, but unlike the band that finished in third place, the MacDonald Brothers are up against it early on.

Good Date Movie: Lost in Translation starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson

Bob Harris (played by Bill Murray) brings to this movie a unique combination of humor, sadness, yearning, and debonair. This movie could not have been for anyone else as Coppola’s casting in ingenious. I heard from a source that she courted Murray, and only him to do this movie for months before she convinced him to do it.