Naruto Shippuuden 117

In Nartuo Shippuuden Episode 117 – Jugo of the North Hideout, Sasuke takes Karin and Suigetsu to go find Jugo in the North hideout. This article gives a brief summary of the episode.

Family Guy Characters

A basic overview of the 6 main characters in the animated TV show Family Guy. The Griffin’s can be hard to keep track of!

How to Discover Unheard of Movies

The Hollywood marketing machine does a very efficient job of attracting movie goers to its films. By utilizing million dollar budgets, and by casting well known actors, Hollywood drives millions of people to its movies.

How Movies Effectively Brainwash Us

Did you know that movies are one of the best brainwashing tools available? Movies are such a powerful brainwashing tool that the American government has outlawed the insertion of hidden advertisements into the movie reel.

Downloading Versus Streaming, Which is Better?

We will all definitely agree that online movie streaming and video downloading have made movie watching easier and more comfortable for us. But to decide if streaming is better than downloading, or vice versa, is a thing that we should really think about. Read this article to make you decide for yourself.

Trouble With Insomnia – Or, What I Owe to Buffy

For me the white noise of a TV running quietly in the background is what allows me to sleep when nothing else will. But not just any old programme will do. (Old editions of Countdown definitely aren’t going to do it.) It pretty much has to be Buffy, or at a pinch Angel.

Family Guy – The Journey Episode

Perhaps the most memorable Family Guy episode of all time has been the journey episode. Here is the recap.

Harry Potter Quizzes

Harry Potter Quizzes – its a way to test your wizardry memory. Bearing in mind it all began 10 years ago there is quite a lot of Potter history. Harry Potter was created by J K Rowling who is now a billionaire.

Family Guy’s Future

The animated TV show hit Family Guy has been on air for years. How much longer can it go?

Buying Cheap DVDS – Do a Price Comparison

There was a time when buying DVD for home entertainment was a luxury which only rich people could afford. But now with the help of new technology and machinery DVDs no more come at a very high price.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – A Quick Review

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is the latest film in the Harry Potter movies. It is a film makeover of the book of the same name and I have to tell you: it was bad. Read this quick review of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince before you go to see it in theaters this summer.

The Top 10 Blondes of All Time

The epitome of the cute, goody blonde, Doris Day set the standard for Miss Sunshine and was always perfect in everything she did. Her short, blonde do symbolized a safer, saccharine blonde of an era long gone.