Movie Review – Act of Valor (2012) (R)

The deeper you look into the making of Act of Valor, the more appalling it becomes. It’s not a war film, but a recruitment video – commissioned by the Navy’s Special Warfare Command as an initiative to increase the sign-up rate for the Navy SEALs. Hired to direct were Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh, former stuntmen and producers of sports documentaries. In 2007, both were brought in to direct the recruitment short Navy SWCC, which documented Navy boat operators on a training mission.

Movie Review – Gone (2012) (PG-13)

Gone is a surprisingly engaging thriller, in large part because of its lead character, a young woman who finds herself in a situation which requires the use of her wits and keen powers of observation. Her name is Jill (Amanda Seyfried). A year ago, she narrowly escaped the clutches of a serial killer who kidnapped her, gagged and bound her with duct tape, and dragged her to a hole in a desolate area of a sprawling forest just outside Portland. Now her sister, a college student named Molly (Emily Wickersham), has gone missing.

Cadillac Records’ (Film – 2008) Depiction of Muddy Waters

This article explores the fictional depiction of Muddy Waters, a monumental figure in the rock n roll, blues, and r&b music industry during the mid-20th century. The film’s depiction of real-life individuals through fictional characters is clearly apparent when considering the factual histories of those individuals. However, the film’s choice of style and superb acting ultimately serve to create a fascinating period piece that explores one of the most interesting recording labels of this era and the unique individuals associated with that circle.

How to Get Your Hands on Movie Premiere Tickets

Ever wanted to watch the live performances of Kenny Chesney, Paris Hilton, Enrique Iglesias, Carrie Underwood or Britney Spears? Many of us must have speculated movie screenings or see celebrity snapshots from the fashion magazines. However, the quest to hang out with your hot celebrities enjoying complimentary drinks, food and pampering in a private VIP enclosure often remains a mystery. Here are five top tips to ensure you find movie premiere tickets with an awesome viewing experience.

How A Hollywood Romance Helps You Find Love

Discover savvy online dating advice in this action-adventure-romance, starring Reese Witherspoon. Film Review reveals dating minefields to avoid to find great love.

Movie Review: Wanderlust (2012)

These days, a Judd Apatow production merely signifies a series of vulgar jokes paired with copious amounts of nudity (more male than female). Wanderlust could have been more. Sadly, the film veers off onto an unpredictable and foolish path that finds its characters’ motives and settlements clashing with the marginally likeable setup.

Movie Review: Heat (1995)

‘Heat’ tells the epic crime story of Neil McCauley and Vincent Hanna, two men on the “flip side” of a coin, either side of the law. Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) is a career master thief who leads a tight ‘crew’ of professional armed thieves who ‘score’ massive money, back jobs. Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) is the equally expert LA detective who takes down these ‘scores’.

Roman Holiday, Audrey Hepburn Enchants

A short appreciation of ‘Roman Holiday’ the wonderful movie made in 1953 and starring the wonderful Audrey Hepburn. It is a highly unusual movie, a combination of a fairy story about a princess, a romance, a comedy and with more than a touch of intrigue and excitement thrown in as well. It received an incredible ten Academy Award nominations and won three Oscars including Best Actress for Audrey Hepburn.

Looking for a Professional Freeview Aerial Installation

Times have changed for the better; new technologies are now available and it is now drastically changing everything including the world of television and entertainment especially now that Freeview aerial installation is available. Gone are the days of analog signals and we can now say goodbye to poor viewing experience and say hello to high definition channels, digital signals and crystal clear viewing through Freeview aerial installation.

Learn How to Become an Actor Through Acting Classes

One of the most coveted professions in the world is being an actor in the movie industry. Professional acting brings with it fame and becoming icons. However, being a superstar is not such an easy task. These stars have to have the time, talent and effort to succeed. This means that one who wants to gain knowledge of how to become an actor must be willing to put in efforts and sometimes even face disappointments.

The All-Time Best College Movies

College buddies swap stories about their old college days as they grow older. Some decide their stories are good enough to be turned into movies, or come up with really good ideas for movies just by talking about their lives. Many excellent movies about college life have been made, and while this is by no means a complete list, they should be at the top of your must-watch list.

The Best Films of Italian Cinema

An Introduction to the very best Italian Movies. The greatest Italian Classics of all time. Here you can find information about our selection of the three best Italian films.