Golmaal 3 Movie Review – Largely Forgettable!

Pushing something to its limit is not an uncommon phenomenon with Hindi films and Golmaal 3, has set a new benchmark for it not only pushes the basic premise of a nonsensical comedy to a third installment but makes it boring as well. Barring a few half decent jokes and gags that try too hard, Golmaal 3 is largely forgettable.

Movie Review: Action Replayy – Where’s the Action?

It’s time that popular Hindi cinema otherwise referred to as ‘Bollywood’ to seriously start thinking about a simple yet irreplaceable ingredient called script while making a film. Action Replayy has just about everything that is needed to make a film and yet it falls flat on its face.

Kangana Ranaut’s Change of Track

When director Anurag Basu spotted the 18-yr old Kangana Ranaut with her unusually curly hair at a Mumbai café, he would scarcely have believed that she would carve a niche for herself in the industry. The actress had previously been working as a model in Delhi and later shifted to working in the theatre. The moment Anurag Basu chose her as the female lead in ‘Gangster,’ her rise to stardom had begun.

Indian Cinema, Making Inroads in the International Scene

India has been making inroads in the world cinema market over the past few years. Many films have employed technicians from Hollywood to give their films that international look and feel.

All Eyes on Ra One and Shahrukh

Believed to be the most expensive film ever to be made in India, Ra.One is one of the most eagerly awaited releases of 2011.

Dev Anand’s and Rohan Sippy’s Dum Maro Dum

Indian film-goers were experiencing it for the first time – the spellbinding music and the heartwarming tale of a brother and a sister set in the background of then originated Hippie culture. The Asha Bhonsle – RDB combo – Dum Maro Dum – a song without a match, has never been dulled by any new movie song that has been created afterward.

Brief History of Warner Bros Studios

Warner Bros. Studios is one of the most famous film and television company in the world. You may not realise it but if you have watched TV or films most of your life then you will have grown up with many of the films this production company have brought to us.

3D TV or Not 3D? That Is the Question

Sure, we had moved on from the red-and-green paper glasses of the ’50s but the only movies that were in 3D were short nature films and interactive rollercoasters in themeparks. To shoot a $200 million sci-fi blockbuster completely in 3D just sounded insane. However, shoot it he did. The post production special effects took the geniuses at WETA (The same group that did the amazing work in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy) over two years.

A Nightmare Before Christmas And Mens Halloween Costumes

A Nightmare before Christmas, Where did Tim Burton get his inspiration from, Why have the characters been popular Halloween outfits for the last decade. A lowly animator in the early 1980s, Burton wasn’t yet the filmmaking powerhouse he is today.

All Good Things

When I first heard that Ryan Gosling pulls Kirsten Dunst out of a room by her hair, I was intrigued. It is nothing against Kirsten- it just sounded unusual. Then with a little investigating, I found out that the movie was All Good Things, which is based on the real-life mystery of a missing woman.

Red Movie Review – Red’s All Right, Almost

There are things that are just beyond the realm of possibility even for Hollywood films but you dare question the authenticity of certain acts especially when they are being executed by Bruce ‘John McClane’ Willis. Based on the graphic novels by Warren Ellis and Cully Hammer, director Robert Schwentke’s Red gets to do a whole lot more than merely push the limits of believability.

The Most Popular Doctor Seuss Stories

Some Doctor Seuss stories have gained significant popularity. This article lists the most loved and recognized ones.