Famous Dynamics and Famous Duos

If you’re naming famous duos in comedy, who could supplant Laurel and Hardy? By the time Stanley Laurel and Oliver Hardy produced their first real Laurel and Hardy film, Ollie was thirty-five years old, and Stan was thirty-seven. Here are some interesting tidbits of information that even the most avid fan might not know…

Michael Scofield of Prison Break

Prison Break is a television series created by Paul Scheuring. It was about escaping out of prison and staying free. Two of the main characters in the series were the brothers Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller and Lincoln Burrows, played by Dominic Purcell. But what was so fascinating about this series?

Advertising Abandons TV Host’s Show

Diageo, the drinks giant, became the latest major UK company last night, to pull its advertising from the controversial Fox News commentator Glenn Beck’s show. Diageo, who makes Guinness and Johnnie Walker, followed a similar move by Waitrose, a major grocer, who stopped advertising on in the time slot of the outspoken television show’s host, which airs on the Sky TV platform in Britain. This removal of advertising by both companies has put pressure on Tesco who as of last night still refuses to cancel involvement in the show.

Why Are United States Films Cut For the United Kingdom?

In this article I will try to answer the question about why United States films are cut for the United Kingdom screen. You may have noticed that United States films on region one format have the full playing time but when it is released in the United Kingdom there is about five minutes cut.

The Female Characters of “How I Met Your Mother”

The television show, “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS is a great depiction of the lives of five twenty or thirty-somethings living in New York City. All of the characters are known very well by the show’s fanatics and each has a different personality. The female characters complement the males nicely and have led to some classic relationship issues among the group.

Sesame Street’s 40th Birthday Party

It’s hard to find examples of long-lasting quality TV programming for kids these days. However, Sesame Street continues to shine after 40 years and will celebrate its 40th birthday November 10, 2009.

What the Movie “District 9” Says About Corruption at the United Nations

So, how is it that one movie can go after so many of the hypocrisies of the world? How can one movie make all of humanity look in the mirror and dump the facade of all the injustices in the world? I don’t know how they did it, but the movie is called District 9.

What the Movie “District 9” Says About Humankind’s Ability to Deal With an Alien Race

“What if” and isn’t that always the question? What if an alien species that was of equal intelligence, or greater intelligence than that of mankind were to visit the Earth; how would we go about this opportunity? Would we immediately exploit their advanced technology to use in weapon designs?

What the Movie “District 9” Says About the World’s Urban Slums

The movie District 9, is a movie about aliens that end up on Earth, and yet, the movie is as much about social, and geopolitical issues of our time. There are indeed many underlining themes running through the movie. One interesting thing about the movie is the aliens are put into a slum like area, reminiscent of the Kibera Slum in Nairobi Kenya. There is trash everywhere, raw sewage pits, and the aliens are treated as bad or worse than the most despicable examples of humanity, in the worst urban slums in the world.

What the Movie “District 9” Says About the Realities of Humanity

We should all be concerned with the urban slums on our planet. These represent the very worst of humanity, and it is a problem that must be solved. Recently, I went to see the movie District 9, which seemed to almost be an allegory for apartheid.

What the Movie “District 9” Says About the Future of Bio-Metric Weapons

The United States military now has weapons that only US servicemen can fire, they do this by putting a ring, with biometric details on the hand of each soldier. If their ring is out of range, the weapon cannot fire. This means that if a base camp with US troops is overrun, by let’s say the Taliban, those folks cannot use the weapon against us.

Bored to Death is a Great TV Show

Have you happened to have seen any episodes of Bored to Death yet? If you haven’t, I envy you for the fact that you still have the chance to enjoy the show’s first four episodes for the first time. I’ve treasured every episode so far, as the comedic gems that they consist of are like few other shows on TV.