A Death in the Gunj: Movie Review

Konkana Sen Sharma makes her directorial debut as writer-director for ‘A Death In The Gunj.’ The film is based on a short story that Sharma’s father Mukul Sharma wrote, which in turn was influenced by true events. Cast: Vikrant Massey, Ranvir Shorey, Kalki Koechlin, Gulshan Devaiah, Late Om Puri, Jim Sarbh, Arya Sharma.

TV Episodes Named After Song Titles

As my daughter was scanning through a list of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, I noticed something unusual about their titles. Nearly every one of them was named after a well-known rock song, including “Let It Be” and “A Hard Day’s Night” by The Beatles. Several episodes took their title from REM songs, such as “Losing My Religion” and “Begin the Begin.

Seven Date Night Movies You Both Will Love

When two people get together to enjoy a night out on the town, you can rest assured that the topic of date night movies will surface at some point in the evening. Movie viewing is one of the most popular activities for Americans to partake in while dating, and for good reason. Generally, the evening begins with a good meal and ends with a lively discussion concerning the movie at hand. If you find yourself reaching for this tried and tested choice, then you must take a look at the following films to get you started on planning your next cinematic date:

Five Films To Watch With Your Best Friend

Sometimes, when you are hanging out with your best friend, you just want to watch a good old film. These are generally movies beloved by you and your bestie, and they are standby flicks that do the trick every single time. But if you are at a loss at which films to watch, then despair not. Take a look instead at the following five movies that you may have forgotten or overlooked:

Five Great Family Movies That Aren’t Animated

The changes to family movies have been drastic. The usual family film offering tends to be the newest animated feature by a major studio. Granted, these are usually fairly stellar films that really nail the entertainment value for the entire family, but at the same time, it can be tough to simply sit through what may only be deemed as ‘cartoons’.

Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

After the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man crashed as hard as a movie that size could crash, Sony needed to do something to make one of their most coveted properties work. In order to accomplish that, they brought in Marvel to assist while also rebooting the franchise as a whole. This looked to be a risky move with it coming so close to their recent failure, but Captain America: Civil War unveiled what appeared to be very promising.

Sitcom Episodes With Characters Who Participate In Marathons

Holidays, as joyous as they may be overall, are too often the worst days for television addicts like me. Outside of parades, meaningless sports events, and movies centered around the theme of the occasion, there is little of interest to watch. Fortunately, one of my favorite cable channels airs a marathon of one of the old time classic shows from my childhood.

Family Movies That You Loved As a Kid That Your Kids Will Love Now

Though a lot of attention is given to the big blockbuster summer action movie, it turns out that one of the hottest markets in film is family movies. Films made for the whole family are a special breed unto themselves because in many ways, they become defining films of a generation.

Review of Movie “Baahubali – The Conclusion”

It is a movie which was a big hit in India. It has earned a good amount of money within 6 days of its release. It is fresh movie. There are lot of things to be carried away after watching the movie.

Sitcom Characters Who Fear They Have Been Cursed With Bad Luck

Arriving on the doorstep yesterday was a small package that looked eerily like the one which had come just a few weeks before. It, too, was addressed to my daughter, so I brought it in and placed it on her bed. When she arrived home and tore open the package, it revealed a case for her cell phone.

How To Choose Current Movies For A First Date

Planning a first date can be a stressful and nerve-racking process for many people. A safe bet, however, for many folks is to venture out to the movie theater to see what is playing among the current movies. Contrary to popular belief, however, it does matter which film you see. Choose the wrong movie, and it could ruin the mood for the rest of the evening. Thankfully, there are some easy guidelines to follow when making your selection:

Seven Ways to Choose Perfect Date Night Movies

Dinner and a movie has been the standard and preferred first date since your parents, and their parents went on dates. Catching a flick at your local theater is a great way to unwind, spend quality time with someone, and take in fun and unique stories told on the screen. With so many movies coming out constantly, and the time from theatrical release to DVD shortening, it can be hard to keep up and see everything you want. As if selecting which movies to pick out and actually see wasn’t enough, when it is for a date the decision can be that much more crucial. Here are seven ways to choose perfect date night movies.