Brooklyn Decker Trains For Acting This Time

Brooklyn Decker has an interesting story to tell on her life as a model and on her way to becoming a real actress. Considered to be one of the more popular models across the globe, it amazes everyone how she acts like she’s not.

Hot Fuzz

If you didn’t like Shaun of the Dead, and don’t really enjoy action films, then this might not work very well. There are tons of action-film references that will fly over your head, and the experience will be different. Minor detail: the script isn’t as razor sharp as the one for Shaun of the Dead, and there are some parts that seem to drag just a tad, but these details are easily overlooked.

Brando’s The Men – Hollywood’s First Look at Paraplegia

Sixty years ago a relatively unknown actor named Marlon Brando helped Hollywood introduce to the general public a relatively unknown segment of society–paraplegics. The unveiling of Hollywood newcomer, Brando, and these newest members of society took place on the Big Screen in the 1950 hit movie, The Men.

Penelope Cruz: The Very First Spanish Actress to Get a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

After being in the film industry for 20 years in a row, all her hard work has paid off. This honorable merit is her “second firsts” in her fruitful acting career as she was also the first Spanish actress to win the covetous Academy Award in 2008.

Over A Century Of 3D Media

An overview of 3D movie technology over the last 100 years. From stereographic cards to modern S3D films, 3D has a longer history in films than you might expect.

Thank You Movie Review

Thank You isn’t a film. It’s a template that has been done to death by the likes of Anees Bazmee, Indra Kumar and David Dhawan. It’s one of those exercises that have a few laughs, a handful of somewhat funny instances, loads of nonsensical moments coupled with inane songs and mostly bad acting.

The Mechanic 2011

Overall, the Mechanic offers legitimate action sequences, and a fine performance from the talented Ben Foster. The “hits” feel more authentic than the norm, and aren’t completely dipped in Hollywood glamor, making for interesting and intense action. Statham and Foster fans will enjoy this film more than others, while “others” may take it in as a serviceable revenge dish to hold them over until something better comes along.

On Survivor Samoa

I love Survivor! And the best Survivor Season for me was that Survivor Samoa. Russell was good!

On Percy Jackson

I saw the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief a long time ago. Watched it again a few days ago since I saw my DVD copy. And I’ve realized, I still have not decided whether or not this movie impressed me.

Elizabeth Taylor: Hollywood’s Violet-Eyed Legend

Elizabeth Taylor is the violet-eyed, raven-haired iconic legend whose scandals, intrigues, marital storms, charitable endeavors, and unforgettable screen performances made her a true screen legend. Elizabeth Taylor died on March 23, 2011 due to congestive heart failure, surrounded by her four children.

127 Hours

127 Hours is a gripping fact base film about the rock climber Aron Ralston (James Franco) and his struggle to survive against the odds after his arm became wedged in a mountain/canyon. This is a static film with the majority of the story taking place in the one spot, the rocky tomb in which Ralston was encased in. With spectacular colourful shots and a gripping plot this is truly another great film for Danny Boyle to add to his list.

Movie Review: Dabangg – The Big Bang!

For some time now a Salman Khan film generates the kind of buzz that none of his contemporaries can even image. Unlike the other Khans who proudly display the tag of thinking actors or even plain media savvy and don’t shy away from going overboard when it comes to promoting a film, Salman never really bothered about anything…