Funny Videos – Grabbing Priceless Moments Gets the Giggle

Are you a busy dad, stressed up with your office work with increasing demands of kids? Are you a working mom, who is tired of taking care of those doggone household chores? Perhaps you are a kid fed up of your crabby professors and draconian parents? A dose of laughter is a remedy for all your pains!

Kurti Eliminated From “Dance India Dance” Season 2

Hosts of Dance India Dance Season 2, Jay Bhanushali and Saumya Tandon, introduced 5th March, 2010 episode on ZEE TV. Unsafe guys who had received minimum votes from the audiences sat on the red sofa.

Tilt – The Poker TV Drama – A Review

In 2005 ESPN unveiled its second ever drama. Tilt is unrealistic, cliched, but somehow still intriguing.

Top Ten Celebrity Cougars

Mrs. Robinson – The original Cougar. This was the first time a woman seduced a much younger man on screen. It was a glimpse of things to come.

Iconic Oscar Gowns – Fashion School Picks For the Top Ten Most Memorable Dresses

From year to year, it’s hard to remember which movies or actors win Oscars. But one thing we can’t forget is the fashions – the ones that make us swoon in admiration, and the ones that make us gasp in horror. With our panel of fashion school experts, let’s take a look back at past Academy Award ceremonies, and remember the red carpet gowns that made even bigger headlines than the winners.

New Reality Wedding Show – “Four Weddings”

If the slate of shows on television is any indication, Americans love to watch shows about weddings! The ever-expanding list of “reality” shows about weddings has just added another entry to its roster.

Obama’s Reign Ripe For Satire in the Tradition of Team America – World Police

President Obama has not fulfilled the very high expectations voters had of him. Yet strangely, while he is certainly copping more criticism in the media, he has suffered a lot less satirical mockery than other recent presidents. A movie poking fun at his presidency is already overdue.

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland Movie – Burton on Auto Pilot?

The Alice In Wonderland movie is here, showcasing some amazing visuals and some memorable characters. However, is director Tim Burton treading water with yet another outlandish production?

The Mentalist

The Mentalist is one of the many popular shows on American Television. It is a police procedural drama series. Created by Bruno Heller, the show has seen two seasons by now.

5 Important Film Festivals For Moviemakers

Taking your movie to competitions can be a great way to build buzz, find an investor or maybe even snag a distribution deal. But, first you have decide where to enter your film.

A Heroes Season Five? Absolutely!

NBC has not confirmed a fifth Heroes season yet and fans all over the world are becoming truly worried. But there is hope! Greg Grunberg, who plays Matt Parkman on the show, said “I’m hearing rumors, I’m hearing good rumors”. We have a lot of good reasons to assume we can enjoy new Heroes episodes soon.

The Marriage Ref – An Early Scathing Review

Jerry Seinfeld’s “The Marriage Ref” is an un-hilarious clunker. Jerry, what were you thinkin’? I’m embarrassed for one of my favorite all-time comedians. “Seinfeld” will always be the best show in the history of television for me. But his latest foray is stunningly horrific.