Recycling TV Programs – Fact Or Fiction?

Think of all the footage that has been shot during the past 100 years. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could come up with the rules of engagement that enable people to get their hands on this footage legally and do some “remodeling”, alterations in order to entertain others? At the end game this would save production companies from going out to woods to do some “novelty” creations from same recycled ideas.

What Was The Most Watched Film In History

This is the story of the most watched film in history. It was filmed in 1979 in the holy land with no major actors, no sex scenes and very limited violence.

Are The New Tv Advertising Tactics Going Over The Edge

Shows are now using shameless methods to advertise in the content of shows and ruining the quality of shows. Are you for or against? Or have you not even noticed?

Has American Idol Been Played So Hard That It Is Just A Little Out Of Tune

Have they played the song out or are they just getting tuned up for another incredible season? Every year, for one season, people huddle around their television sets to watch the Fox program American Idol where wannabe singers compete for the chance at a record deal and almost instantaneous fame.

Michael Caine Creates The Magic Of The Prestige

Certain themes and or actors can create a tv mega hit tv show, sometimes it is the relationship between the story and the population. This show is no different. It covers most of the makings of a brilliant show.

The Dark Knight Due For Bright Summer At The Box Office

The secret is being kept locked up tight. But the sun and the stars should shine bright on this sure to be blockbuster for the summer of 2008.

Could Moonlight Be A Stake In The Heart Of Vampire Shows

Could it be that this series is trying to drain the blood from an already dry tv market? Or could there be a fresh vain that they are trying to strike in the publics love of vampire shows?

Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale Shares Spot At MSN’s Best Bond Films

It might not reigned as number one but being at the no. 3 makes a difference from new Bond actor Daniel Craig as he got laurels among top Bond actors in the recent list of Best Bond movies ranked by MSN. Known as “Rating the Spy Game”, this list is queued from the best to the worst films ever. Leading the list is Sean Connery’s From Russia With Love followed by his another Bond movie Goldfinger. Meanwhile, Casino Royale noted as second best-selling Bond film as of 2007.

Tarnation – A Review

What do creative genius and madness have in common? After viewing Jonathan Caouttes autobiographical documentary Tarnation, I would have to answer that they are quite possibly one in the same.

Prime Time Is Anytime with TV Show Downloads

They’re here! An endless amount of TV show downloads. Do you remember the child staring in awe at the TV screen in the movie Poltergeist? Well, you will be too, after you’ve downloaded all your favorite TV shows and movies from the Web.

Is It Legal to Download TV Shows?

The concept of downloading TV shows off the Internet is still a relatively new concept. The idea is to click a few buttons on your home computer and be able to watch the latest episode of your favorite show that you’ve missed. Similar to watching TV programs recorded on a DVR, viewers are turning to the Internet to catch up on their favorite TV shows. The question remains whether it is legal to download TV shows.

How to Download TV Shows

If you have found this, you are probably wondering exactly how people download TV shows. Like many, you don’t want to make the mistake of downloading something then going to jail. You worry about piracy and its affect on production companies.