Alright Guvnor? That’s How It’s Done

Michael had been acting for the past 16 years and decided he wanted to help out his fellow thespians by writing a book. His chosen subject was audition tips for actors because he felt that, having attended many auditions himself, he wanted to pass on the knowledge he had gained.

Got to Dance to Success

Here is a lesson in how to win big if you prepare properly for an audition. In March 2012 an Irish dance troupe won the biggest prize in U.K.

Acting School: Comedy or Drama

It’s often said that comedy is one of the hardest genres in terms of acting and writing. When I was in acting school, there was no rule against making the venture into comedy or drama; it was important to study both.

Movie Review – The Kid With a Bike (2012) (Not Rated)

If The Kid with a Bike were an English language film, chances are it would be structured so that the title character wouldn’t find his father until the end, at which point there would be some kind of emotional climax and narrative resolution. But this French-speaking drama is directed by Jean-Pierre Dardenne and his brother, Luc, who are known for stark, naturalistic films devoid of sentiment. Through their telling of The Kid with a Bike, the title character finds his father within the first third, at which point it’s made abundantly clear that the latter wants absolutely nothing to do with the former.

Movie Review – Seeking Justice (2012) (R)

After a brief prologue sequence that will factor into the story much later, Seeking Justice opens with an example of two happy people living good lives in New Orleans. Will Gerard (Nicolas Cage) is a high school English teacher. Although it’s the type of school in which the students must pass through a metal detector before attending class, he seems capable of handling it. His wife, Laura (January Jones), is a successful cellist for an orchestra. The two are indisputably in love.

Movie Review – Casa De Mi Padre (2012) (R)

Casa de Mi Padre is the most tedious film of its kind since MacGruber – a strained effort that has little to go on apart from its one-joke premise, namely a Spanish-language American production that parodies Mexican telenovelas. When it had finally gone through all of its eighty-four minutes (which, by all accounts, is a very short running time), I had the unshakable feeling that the exact same story could have been told as a five-minute Saturday Night Live skit, one that might not have been funnier but at least would not have its visual and verbal gags stretched beyond the breaking point.

Movie Review – 21 Jump Street (2012) (R)

21 Jump Street treads on thin ice in an early scene where it’s explained that the police department has revived a specialty division that started in the 1980s, that it’s part of a trend of resurrecting and modernizing old programs due to a lack of original ideas, and that they’re hoping the public won’t notice. Nothing threatens to ruin a movie faster than winking at the audience in a showy display of self-referential humor. Fortunately, the filmmakers had the foresight to get this out of the way as quickly as possible.

Filmmaking Within Your Budgetary Means

So, you just graduated from film school and you have a hundred million dollars; actually, you’ll probably have less than that as you begin your post film school career. But you want to get started right away making films. It’s easier than it sounds because one of the things you’ll need is financing to make a movie.

Movie Night At a Nursing Home or Retirement Home

Living in a nursing home or a retirement home and adjusting to a new lifestyle away from home and familiar things can be difficult for residents. Special activities to help residents relax and bond with other residents are common in nursing and retirement homes. Movie nights make an excellent addition to a nursing home’s activity list. Here’s how to create a movie night to remember for nursing home or retirement home residents that will bring back special memories and allow them to create new memories.

Movie Review of “The Lorax”

There are two things guaranteed to lure me into seeing a movie; the first is humor, preferably of the snarky and sarcastic variety—and secondly, animation. I feel quite certain that movies like “Despicable Me” and “Megamind” were, in fact, written more for people like myself than any child that might see them. So I was completely in my element this weekend when I checked out a showing of “The Lorax”—which is coincidentally directed by the same clever people who came up with “Despicable Me”, one of my all time favorites.

Movies That Make You Treasure Life

This article will take a look at just a few of the movies that will make you treasure the life that you are given today. When you protect yourself with life insurance you can at least live your life with peace of mind.

Top Disney Movie Easter Eggs

If you are reading this article thinking that we are talking about chocolate eggs you get in April with a picture of Mickey on the side, you are going to be disappointed. No we are talking about the hidden messages and in jokes that the Disney animators include in their much loved movies to amuse themselves and reward eagle eyed movie viewers. Here are some of our favourites.