Sherlock Holmes in Real Life – A Character Analysis

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective character created by Scottish writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock is a consulting detective, well, that’s how he calls himself. Ever since his character publication in 1887, Sherlock Holmes has become one of the most historic fictional characters in the history of literature and even in mankind. Okay, that’s quite exaggeration. Sherlock has then appeared in many series, short stories, and even in the movies. He has become a classical fictional celebrity.

A Flawless Dramatization of a Murder Trial

Otto Preminger’s ‘Anatomy of a Murder’ was fiction. But it told a true story.

JERSEY BOYS – A New Film Report

Hurray for Clint Eastwood! Who would have ever thought a guy eighty-four years ancient could have replicated the terrific JERSEY BOYS’ musical as great film fare? I’ve heard that the central responsibility of directors is to create a mood or look, and to organize and transmit a spirit. Clint did it all here. I loved every sound that came out of this film.The story of how three fellows from Belleville, New Jersey– along with a square guy from somewhere else–were able to carve out for history memorable songs and performances that made folks smile– or even tear over from the spell provided– is something to share with you now.

Movie Review – “The One I Love,” Fantasy Retreat Mends Broken Marriage

With spectacular performances by Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss, Charlie McDowell’s confident directorial debut “The One I Love,” brings a crowd-pleasing premise having savory twists that stretch the boundaries of numerous genres. It also navigates that marital mine field of a deteriorating relationship with insightful observations, some comic, some tragic, but always authentic.

The Ties That Bind

‘Of Human Bondage’ presented Bette Davis with a considerable acting challenge. She accepted it, and it made her a star.

The Stargate TV Series

This is a science-fiction TV series that went on for 10 seasons and accumulated over 200 episodes. It started out as a movie which was a pilot for the TV series. It is based around a portal that allows people to be transported from Earth to another planet, and many other planets depending on the address entered.

Movie Review: The Green Beautiful

A forgotten or ignored movie from the late nineties? This is a great movie with much humor, as only the French can deliver. It is about a peaceful planet where the people have matured and evolved to the point where their long lives are based on love and togetherness, not separation and hate.

Telling the Tale of a Terrorist Attack

Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ told the inside story of the most notorious terrorist attack in American history. It failed to make much of an impact on the 2004 elections, though.

A Million Ways To Die In The West

Seth MacFarlane manages to portray the ultimate Western anti-hero. “A Million Ways to Die in the West” is quite a departure for MacFarlane, who’s more famous for a completely different type of movie — “Ted.”

Disney’s Frozen

Frozen is the latest Disney movie, released quite appropriately in a typically frigid November. Disney has out done itself yet again by creating a fun, entertaining, and musical adventure for children and people of all ages to enjoy.

Movie Review: “22 Jump Street”

The movie “22 Jump Street” is the highly anticipated sequel to “21 Jump Street.” The second installment sees the return of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko, two undercover cops. After completing an assignment for which both partners posed as high school students, they are assigned to a mission that involves going undercover as college students.

Anatomy of a Mutiny

‘The Caine Mutiny’ may have been Bogart’s best performance. Captain Queeg had a lot of problems.