The Future of TV

Today, with so many new features in electronics and media, new TVs being sold on the market are built in with Wi-Fi capabilities, and can connect to the internet allowing the owner to use their TV as a home computer, if they have a wireless connection at home. Many TVs such as Bravia, Sony, and Toshiba are offering this feature, and were among the first to bring in the Wi-Fi connection to the TV world. It allows you to use online apps, visit sites, browse the web, check your mail, and basically do anything that you would on your laptop or home based PC, but right on your TV screen, using the additional remote to connect.

Top 8 Series Premiers For Girls

When it comes to the new fall shows that are coming out, a lot of them seem to be geared to family entertainment. Take a look at these new shows that are coming out and see which ones will become your “can’t miss” TV shows this season.

“Moonstruck” Seen Through The Eyes Of The Tarot

The movie “Moonstruck” is a treat when you’re happy, a consolation when you’re sad, is an entertaining diversion when you’re lonely, and goes marvelously well with all known food groups. But this movie has become a classic because the eternal, archetypal dance of Life, Love, and Death is played out before our eyes. Take a look at this movie through the eyes of the Tarot and see what lies beneath the surface of “Moonstruck.”

Fun Woody Quotes From Toy Story

Sheriff Woody Pride is that pull string cowboy from the Disney Pixar childen’s animated movie Toy Story that Andy holds dear to his heart. Woody is voiced by Tom Hanks throughout all of the animated feature films.

Movie Review: The Ides of March (2011)

The Ides of March, based on the Beau Willimon play “Farragut North,” is a superbly adapted, perfectly acted, deviously brilliant drama that carefully examines its gathering of corrupt political minions. The characters are intriguing, clever and not of the cookie-cutter variety, despite journeying down the expected path of power-hungry and extortive. Although they’re all antiheroes, betraying seemingly gallant introductions, the plot remains suspenseful and the scripting inspiring.

Get More Out Of Your TV

Do you sometimes sit in the front of the TV and flick endlessly between the five terrestrial channels, searching for something that isn’t a repeat? Are you fed up with missing out on the latest big drama series that everyone else but you seems to be able to watch? Instead of wishing, do something about it and investigate Freeview digital television.

Zombie Horror Movies

Why do zombie movies continue to intrigue us? The original Night of the Living Dead was released over four decades ago and we still continue to find zombies to be terrifying. In this article, I will explore why that is so.

The Horrible Horror of Those Hideous Horror Movies

Why are today’s Horror movies so horrific now? Have they finally reached the hideous pinnacle of horrific perfection they sought for all those decades? And whatever happened to those nostalgic horror classics of old that were quite benign in comparison? And are people glad, mad, or sad that high-tech special effects enhanced graphic scenes of horror are so freaking uber-realistic now?

Killer Elite

Killer Elite Supposedly based on a true story by Ranulph Fiennes “The Feather Men” shows events that happened over a period of time starting in the 70’s when a Tribal Sheik Amr bin Issa, sought revenge over the deaths of 3 of his children during the fighting in Oman. He supposedly hired a group of hit men called the “clinic”, who according to Fiennes killed four former ex SAS soldiers before a group of SAS men known as the Feather Men who protect ex soldiers came to the rescue.

How Up to Date Are You on Your Classic Films?

Ask someone what it means to be a film buff and they’ll tell you it means you like movies. Who doesn’t, right? But being a film buff means a lot more than sitting around in front of your television all day.

How To Write A Screenplay For Academy Award Winners

I think that the digital age and expansion of film schools allowed more Producers to rush ahead to production. In my mind, hey, it’s great that they get to produce a film. But steps along the way – steps learning the elements of better storytelling – are often skipped.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cheap TV

There are a lot of ways to get entertainment online. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on cable or anything like that. However, for those that aren’t really keen on watching their entertainment on a computer screen, there are options to consider.