Five Fun Things Most People Don’t Know About Chris Pine

Chris Pine is the American actor and writer who stars in the J.J. Abrams film “Star Trek: Into Darkness. Previously, he starred as James Kirk in Abrams’ 2009 adaptation of “Star Trek.”

Top 3 Sci-Fi Movies You Should See

There are plenty of blockbuster films released, or set to release, in 2013. Some of the year’s best are in the science fiction genre.

Top 3 Scary Movies You Should See

If you have what it takes to bear the fright of scary movies, there are three you have got to see. In no particular order, these three films offer scary movies’ finest – blood, horror, and a great plot twist.

The Words With Bradley Cooper

You might have missed 2012’s “The Words,” still another Bradley Cooper movie. Is he everywhere? It tells a story of ambition, desperation and plagiarism.

Top 3 Romantic Movies You Should See

If you are looking for some romance, grab your date, cuddle up, and tune into these three romantic classics. You may want to have a fresh box of tissues available, just in case.

5 Reasons Why People Like To Watch Movie Trailers

People like to watch movie trailers. You can see previews advertised on television during primetime, during major sports events, and anywhere on the internet.

Top 3 Thriller Movies You Should See

If thriller movies excite you, there are three top films currently playing in theaters you should see. Check out the new movie trailer for each of these three movies for a sneak peak of each gripping film!

Game Of Thrones – TV Series Review

Game of Thrones is regularly classified as an “epic fantasy” story, a drama series created for television by the studio HBO. Created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss it’s an adaption of the fantasy novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin.

Top Ten Coolest Security Guard Movies

The only thing better than one entertaining bodyguard is perhaps a dynamic duo. Here is a list of ten memorable security guards that lit up the silver screen, through humorous hijinks or well-muscled mayhem.

J.J. Abrams: A Lifetime in Film and Television

It took directing what would become the highest-grossing Star Trek film in history to convert J.J. Abrams into a true fan of the science-fiction franchise. The film and television director, producer, screenwriter, and composer has worked in multiple genres on the big and small screens, most notably as director of the latest blockbuster Star Trek feature films. However, Abrams always considered himself more of a Star Wars fan than a Trekkie.

Movie Review: “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Combine genre golden boy J.J. Abrams, a returning cast of proven characters, and what might have been the worst-kept secret in the history of Hollywood, and the result is the box-office success that is “Star Trek Into Darkness.” The second installment in the reboot was met with approval from fans new and old. Life-long Trekkies could appreciate the winks given to the original series, while newer fans were enthralled with the charismatic characters.

Advantages of Stock Footage

Movies and documentary directors are finding stock footage to be of great help. Inserting stock clip of a famous monument, natural calamity, nature, and animals in the film often proves to be a time & money saving affair. Let’s know more about stock footage and their use.