Movie Review – J Edgar (2011) (R)

Leonardo DiCaprio has proven himself a masterful actor, but his performance in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar is sure to put him on the same shelf as Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, Viggo Mortensen, Johnny Depp, and Christian Bale – actors who inhabit their roles so convincingly that the real person essentially disappears. As J. Edgar Hoover, who became the head of the FBI in 1924 and remained so until his death in 1972, DiCaprio thoroughly captures the look, the mannerisms, the voice, and the personality.

Take A Close Look At The Sony BX300 Series TVs For Their Fine Features

When it comes to compact televisions, the Sony BX300 series is hard to beat. The 32 inch television size is ideal for most mid-size to small rooms and living spaces. The video and audio quality from the Sony BX300 cannot be beaten. And with the backing of the Sony reputation behind it, the Sony BX300 television has everything you need in a compact television. But what is the ideal way to install and configure the Sony BX300 in order to receive the most benefit out of this television?

Read About the Sony 40BX400 LCD TV And Its Many Fine Features

The Sony 40″ LED TV is an attention-grabber with its sleek lines and high quality finishes. It is a beauty to look on whether it is on or off. However, this television is not only good looking it also is a high performance device that comes with a number of great features that is guaranteed to please even the most discriminating of customer.

Get A Great Picture With The Sony 46EX710 TV

The Sony 46ex710 has very good picture quality. It is a slim EDGE LED backlit BRAVIA EX710 series that comes with High Definition. It has the amazing feature wherein you do not have to just stick to what is regularly shown on TV, as you have the option to connect to the internet and be immediately able to stream a broad assortment of television shows, movies, music as well as videos from Amazon, Slacker, Video on Demand, more1, YouTube as well as Netflix.

Is VHS-C and VHS Tape the Same Thing?

VHS-C stands for VHS-Compact. VHS-C is actually made of the same magnetic media and the same technical format as a regular VHS tape it is just more Compact in terms of size (about 4 inches) and also in terms of the length of video it can store (30 minutes).

Great Movie Soundtracks – Why Sad and Lonely Is Always Best

There are loads of great movie themes.Why is it the ones that stick with us are tinged with sadness Some you remember because they’re just great tunes, others we remember because they compliment the movie but occasionally there are the ones that define a movie and are intrinsically linked with the celluloid itself. The following three themes are some of the saddest and make for some of the greatest movie art of all time.

Digital Cable TV Service – Eight Things To Consider Before Dropping It To Save Money

During periods of tight finances, a large family might drop $1500 worth of commercial cable-TV services altogether to save money. But will that amount really be saved after switching to the free over-the-air receptions? Here is a look at those potential costs and gains.

What Does Daniel Padilla Do?

Daniel Padilla is everywhere and it seems that tracking this young actor and music star is not easy. It will now, after you take a look at this.

Bollywood Is Only a Glimpse of Indian Cinema

From Telugu to Malayalam, discover the other sub-genres of the Indian Film Industry. India has the largest movie industry in the world producing over 2961 films in 2009 alone. With the increasing popularity of Bollywood films, it is not uncommon for western fans of the genre to confuse the meaning of “Bollywood” with “The Hollywood of India”, when it’s merely a colloquial term used to refer to Hindi films originating from the city of Mumbai (formally known as Bombay).

Harry Potter and Hogwarts Houses

If your children read Harry Potter, they might have been talking about Houses and a certain hat which seems to be talking in verse a lot. No, they’re not crazy – this is yet another Harry Potter issue. This is what happens in the books:

You Will Get Great Pictures With The Sony 40bx400 TV Series

Whether it is an adrenaline-pumping sequence in an action series or a tear-inducing scene from a soppy, romantic movie, watching shows on the television is a great deal more than merely a viewing experience; in fact, it is a holistic activity which requires the engagement of practically all of your senses. With the most recent collection of televisions from BRAVIA, you are now equipped with the capacity to experience an authentic revolution where sensory perception is concerned. From advanced technological features to pictures that are lifelike and pulls you into the moment, these features go a long way to blur the line between the viewer and the action that is taking place in the show that is being watched.

When You Think REALISM, You Should Think Sony Bravia 32!

This is really something to experience. Now you can put yourself right into the picture, because that’s exactly how you will feel. You are there experiencing every blade of grass, every fluffy cloud and the realism of it all will simply astound you. It’s advanced HDTV from Sony. This 32″ flat-panel LCD TV will afford you incredible high-definition images up to 1080p.