Game of Thrones Season 4 Sneak Peak

Valar Morghulis, all men must die. In this season it holds true. Season 4 is preparing to have a steady stream of OMG moments throughout with lots of twists, action, intrigue, suspense, and breath taking scenery that Game of Thrones has come to be known for.

2013 Top Ten Horror Movies

Here is a list of the top ten horror movies of 2013. They are remarkable films and successfully gained a spot in the box office history.

Benefits Of Joining TV Show Competitions

TV competitions are very exciting. You, your spouse as well as kids can enjoy answering questions. Hence, individuals can find better opportunities of winning and making their life better.

Why Liam Neeson Is the Only Man for the Job in “Non-Stop”

Liam Neeson stars as air marshal Bill Marks in the action-thriller “Non-Stop,” which is about a plot to steal $150 million from an airline. The blackmailers threaten to kill a passenger on Bill Marks’ plane every 20 minutes unless the airline transfers the money. Liam Neeson is an actor uniquely suited for this kind of hard-edged role.

Expert Couch Riding

Enjoy a fabulous weekend line-up of incredible movies! I have shared this Movie sequencing for the lucky few who may be able to embrace a 2 day TV-slug weekend extravaganza. The visual journey that has been recommended is for the 21 & over crowd as the content may be poignant, hilarious and some films may even be deliciously inappropriate!

The Grand Budapest Hotel – Movie Review

In the early 20th century at the famed European hotel, The Grand Budapest, legendary concierge Gustave H. (Ralph Fiennes) trains lobby boy Zero Moustafa (Tony Revolori) to provide top-notch service to guests. This training gets interrupted by a murder, a theft, an imprisonment, a rescue, a pastry apprentice, a love affair, and a wild ski chase in this artfully crazy story within a story by Wes Anderson that fully engages the senses (well, perhaps not much common sense).

“Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me” – A New Film Report

It’s a wow of a film! Elaine Stritch is eighty-seven and a superb singer. She’s been on Broadway and entertainment venues for sixty years. That’s SIXTY YEARS! Can you imagine how tough, savvy and driven you have to be to last that long? Well, when you see this film, you’ll understand why she’s lasted that long.

CW’s Arrow, Who Do You Think Will Survive Season 2?

The CW’s Arrow is ever growing in popularity and excitement! As the steaks become larger, danger is around every corner. Who will survive the battle ahead?

A Review of the Movie – Gangs of New York

There are great movies that we have missed over the years or want to see again. In my opinion, this movie is one of them.

Movie Review: “Mr Peabody and Sherman” – A Good Time For the Entire Family

For anyone who remembers the old “Sherman & Mr. Peabody” bits from the “Rocky & Bullwinkle” show, this film will be a fond walk down cartoon memory lane. We learn how Mr. Peabody came to own Sherman. Together they take us on an adventure through time and grant viewers not only a learning experience about history, but about the importance of family.

While Not Quite Amazing, “The Amazing Spider-Man” Is Poignantly Human

Cinematic reboots are tricky propositions as their goal is to “reinvent the wheel” (even if that “wheel” isn’t necessarily broken). But when a concept is rebooted so close in time to its last cinematic outing, it begs the question “is it really necessary”? Moreover, can it be accepted by the masses in the face of the reverence held for the previous incarnation?

A Review of the 2014 Film “Son of God”

It is rare for Hollywood to come out with a Bible-based motion picture that touches the hearts of viewers like “Son of God” does in every scene. This 2014 film is a compelling journey for viewers from every background, and its superior acting and musical score further add to its epic feel. The PG-13 historical drama follows the life of Jesus of Nazareth from his birth all the way to his crucifixion and resurrection.