DVDs and the Environment

There is a unique history behind the development and launch of the DVD. It was May 1994 when Sony and Philips announced that they would be cooperatively developing a new high-density medium known popularly as Digital Video Disk (DVD) (Dwyer). This technology was supposed to be the successor to compact disks (CD-ROM) made for computers. It was also intended to replace VHS tapes and laserdiscs in the entertainment industry.

Advantages of Blu Ray Over DVD

The UK mortgage industry is a complex but efficient system. There are many products available for someone looking to finance the purchase of their home, and each product has its own benefit. To get the most of out your mortgage, you need to be armed not only with the knowledge of how the different products work, but also the current state of the UK mortgage industry.

The Star Wars Storyline

Star Wars is a very popular movie series all over the world. Here is a brief summary of the storyline of each episode.

What Happens in the Final Season of Lost

Lost has been an extremely successful show for ABC for 5 seasons. As the Lost final season approaches in 2010 viewers around the world are all asking what happens at the end of Lost. This article gives some insight into that question while asking the bigger question, “do you really want to know?”

QuickTime Movie Trailers

In olden days if you want see movie trailers then you had to go to movie theaters. You could end up by seeing only that films trailers. But today’s technology has been changed you can see your choice of trailers at your own choice. Today it is possible to see movie trailers at the ease of your home using internet media. You can see any movie trailer whether it is old or new. Even you can download movie trailers and can share with your friends and relatives. The latest version of movie trailers available in the market is QuickTime movie trailers. These quick time movie trailers use QuickTime tools to show the movie trailer.

LCD TVs Vs Plasma TVs

When buying a new TV, there’s no question that you should go with a High-Definition set. But which is better, LCD or plasma? The two technologies achieve the same end result, but there are definitely some key differences to both technologies, and knowing what they are will help you when you are shopping for an LCD TV or a plasma TV.

Essential Film Marketing – How to Generate Massive Interest and PR For Your Film on No Budget!

In this film marketing guide What do you do if you have little or no budget to promote the film? Some case studies I’ll be using: The Blair Witch Project; Desperado (Robert Rodriguez -Sin City/Spy Kids) which are worth mentioning, and I’ll discuss how you can use casting as a PR opportunity. I hope some of these tips will help, both up and coming, established filmmakers, as well as those at film schools.

Hollywood Memories – A Few Must See Film Classics

Some people feel that there are few real Hollywood classics made these days. While this is not necessarily true, it does seem as though they are a little harder to come by. Today’s advanced technology has certainly made films that are visually very appealing, but many of the story lines are merely copies of, or modified versions of the originals. One of the most appealing factors in the makeup of old movie classics is the fact that a great many were indeed ‘original’.

Early Hollywood Movie Memories Will Live on

As far back as the early to middle part of the 20th century, Hollywood produced a number of films that are remembered today as being classics. There is no doubt that these movie memories will continue, and deservedly so, to be thought of in this way. The time period stretching from the 1920s through the 1940s brought a great many changes to Hollywood and the motion picture industry.

Movie Script Format – The Basics

Movie script format is not hard at all. When beginning writing, one must simply start off with the very basics. Three simple rules of formatting will help you start on your way to writing a great movie script!

Does MMA Tarnish the Legend of Bruce Lee?

Part of Bruce Lee’s mystique was the mysteries of the reach his capabilities. Has MMA brought them into the spotlight?

Elvis Presley Biography – Elvis Mother

The King of Rock and Roll acknowledged that the most important woman in his life was Gladys Love Presley, his beloved mother. As much as his mother was the most important woman for him, she definitely was the most influential who encouraged Elvis to show his talent.