The Greatest Movies Starring The Talented Philip Seymour Hoffman

It is always interesting to come across an actor who, while extremely talented, takes a while to work his way up to widespread acclaim. One such actor is Philip Seymour Hoffman. For about 20 years, Hoffman has appeared in many movies but hasn’t necessarily starred in them.

My Top Five Favorite Movies Starring Brad Pitt

When it comes to my favorite actors, one person who is close to the top of the list is Brad Pitt. While I don’t think he’s the best of all actors out there, he manages to always choose great roles and is just a likable person. Usually his characters are as well.

How To Get Rid Of Your Cable Subscription But Still Have Things To Watch

Some are considering cutting the cable. While this can save money, will there be anything to watch? Find out where you can get your shows without a cable subscription.

True Blood Show Online

Do you like soap operas? Are you a vampire fanatic? If you love both and you are looking for an intriguing and well rounded TV show I recommend you try the true blood series on HBO. The series is based on the awesome vampire novels by Charlaine Harris.

New on ABC This Fall, Detroit 187

This time the crime drama is taking us to one of the toughest areas in America, Detroit.  Detroit 1-8-7 takes you deep into the heart of Detroit as these detectives try to solve some of the toughest crimes imaginable.

‘Takers’ Doesn’t Make Best Action Movies Ever List

We weren’t ever a big fan of Takers but we give it the kudos for coming in second place this weekend at the box office. The only thing that kept it out of first place was Eli Roths The Last Exorcism played on more screens, otherwise Chris Brown could rejoice even more.

Should You Rent Or Buy DVDs?

Everyone loves watching films – and with DVDs and Blu-rays it’s never been easier to simply put in a disk, and watch a movie. No rewinding, great picture, great sound. The problems come when you have watched your entire movie collection, and want more films to watch – do you buy or rent your next flick?

Aussie Stars Line Up In Latest Australian Movie

Tomorrow When The War Began is a new Aussie movie that’s just been released. This soon to be blockbuster movie stars up and coming young Australian actors.

Going To The Cinema Or Waiting For DVDs?

Cinemas have many great benefits – a massive screen, great surround sound, and if filled with the right type of people – a fantastic atmosphere that improves the movie, and really adds to the mood. Many people now have great TV setups, large LCD screens, and surround sound, with their own comfortable sofa. Snacks from a local store, also saves large amounts money.

Producing A Movie With Union Or Non-Union Actors & Crew

Will your movie be produced using SAG (Screen Actors Guild) for talent? Unions have minimum pay scales movie producers have to meet. Or is a non-union cast the most practical way for you to go as a filmmaker?

The Human Centipede

Presumably you’ve heard about the Human Centipede, right?  You know the somewhat controversial sounding horror about a mad doctor who wants to surgically attach three victims together?  The one where he sticks them altogether bum to mouth so that they one digestive system?

The Middle

Ok, so I know we have a lot of family sitcoms, new and old. We probably don’t need too many more. But one worth saving is The Middle.