How Film Students Can Keep Track of Their Movie Inventory

A person who is interested in making films, producing films, or maybe just editing films needs to be up to date on the latest in movie trends. And to do this, you need to have a large movie inventory. But as you collect the films you want to study, it can become difficult, if not impossible, to remember all that you own or all that you still want to purchase. With a DVD software management program, you don’t have to rely on your memory to help you remember the movies which are teaching you about your career path.

Family Friendly Television

If you listen to what some people say about TV you may question whether having a TV in your home is good for your kids. People say “It rots the brain” and that “all the violence and sex on TV has a bad effect on kids.” Kids do need more stimulation in life than the TV can offer, but chances are they will want to watch it from time to time. And it’s also true that not all content is appropriate for kids of young ages but there is plenty of amazing educational content available on TV. Cable and satellite television bring hundreds of channels into homes throughout the United States, and there is a huge variety of content available.

Cities of the World

Cities are massive sources of constant life in countries all over the world, focus points of civilization, business, and often tourism. Many people boast that their city is the most magnificent in the world, but each city has something unique to bring to the table. A lot of cities share similar qualities in terms of having a lot of lights and eclectic populations, but there is a special vibe to each one no matter how similar they might appear on the surface. Bouncing around the globe to personally explore all of the earth’s major cities is a luxury experienced by few individuals, so something has to be created to help satisfy this desire in the rest of us.

Slumdog Millionaire on DVD

Slumdog Millionaire is now available on DVD. The film that won 8 academy awards and 75 international awards total is a brutal and frank crime story directed in a fast-paced and cinematically thrilling action style by British director Danny Boyle. This is a very uplifting film about hope and opportunity overcoming the obstacles of poverty and homelessness.

Friday Night Lights – The Third Season – A DVD Review

Friday Night Lights, The Third Season has been released in DVD and I couldn’t wait to buy it. I absolutely adored the show ever since I first watched an episode in season one. Friday Night Lights is based about a film and a novel of the same title.

HBO’s Taking Chance – DVD Review

HBO’s Taking Chance is a beautifully created DVD movie in memory of a soldier that died in Iraq. It is inspirational and it tells us how heroic our soldiers are.

Britain’s Got Talent More Popular Then Eurovision

Eurovision used to be one of the main traditions here in Britain and throughout the would, the show which aired once a year, would be tuned into by the masses. But times change and viewing habits of the world also change, more and more people have been drawn into the reality bubble that has taken the world by storm. The 2009 show of the Eurovision singing contest went head to head with Britain’s Got Talent, which of course has been on our screens for a few weeks now.

Five Tips For Would-Be Game-Show Contestants

Would you like to be on TV? Do you dream of being on your favourite game show? Read my five top tips!

John Wayne Launches a Ship

All seemed to be going as planned. The speeches were completed and as tradition dictated, a lady crashed the ceremonial champagne bottle against the hull as a signal for the launch. Nothing happened.

Avoid Being a Paranoid Insecure Movie Director

It finally boiled over when a camera shot wasn’t working after numerous takes and the director went off into one of the most colorful profanity laced fits I had ever seen. I mean for a tirade it was a beauty to watch.

So You Want to Be an Actor, Part Two

My plan is to use this podium to educate and inspire. Subsequently you’ll find a variety of topics addressed. I wanted to alight on a few more thoughts pertaining to being an Actor and some of the things to do (and things to avoid) to foster success.

Star Trek DVDs – Seen the Star Trek Movie and Want More?

Are you new to the Star Trek universe? Have you seen the new movie and want more? Want to know where to jump in and start exploring?