2010 Oscar Night – The Biggest Event of the Year

Since 1972, it is a tradition in Hollywood to have an annual ceremony to recognize the excellence of professionals in the movie industry. Year after year, the Oscars bring to the limelight the most notable performances and the blockbuster hits of the year. With the elegance, luxury, and star-studded night, there’s no doubt it is the most prestigious award ceremonies in the world.

Does Effy Have Psychotic Depression?

In Freddie’s “Skins” episode, the fifth of season four, we see him fight hard to save the love of his life. Effy, the most complex and mysterious character of “Skins,” is revealed to have some kind of mental illness. The show hints at psychotic depression, Freddie researches it, but it is not confirmed.

Saving Grace – The TV Show

There is only one proof of the accident and that is the blood on Grace’s blouse which she got from the victim. Grace drives down to her best friend, Rhetta. With the help of her best friend, Grace gets to know that the accident victim is an inmate on the death row.

Medium – The TV Show

Medium is one of the much loved television series. The sixth season started in the month of September this year. This series is a dose of supernatural and drama for American viewers.

House MD

This serial is very popular and has got a thing to make viewers want more. On the basis of its popularity, the show has been distributed in 66 countries.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is running its third season now. It is a very popular show with popularity rising everyday. The show has received amazing critics acclaim and won awards too.

Big Bang Theory

The theme song for the show has been written and recorded by Bare-naked Ladies and it is considered to be one of the best ones in the market. DVDs are also available for this show for the show lovers.

Life Change, Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Think about the movie Harry Potter. Of the three main characters, which one are you more like? Life change can bring you into the life you want to live.

Oscar Battle – The Hurt Locker PK Avatar

As what we have seen in my previous article (The Hurt Locker PK Avatar – Which Will Be Oscar Winner?), both Cameron and Bigelow are the hot favorites to win the best director Oscar at next month’s Academy Awards bash. And although Cameron may have looked like the front-runner by winning the Golden Globe with “Avatar”, her ex-wife Bigelow (“The Hurt Locker”) is absolutely a strong rival in awards race.

5 Highest Grossing Films of All Time

Have you ever wondered what were the top grossing films in the world? When a film reaches the heights of popularity, it can easily earn more than a billion dollars.

The Movie “The Notebook” and the Law of Attraction

The Notebook is my favorite romance movie and a wonderful movie to explain the LAW OF ATTRACTION. It is the story of a young man named Noah, who at the opening of the movie, spots the love of his life, Allie Hamilton. The moment he sees Allie, her knows this is who he is WANTING and he is steady and faithful to this knowledge throughout the entire movie.

The Movie “The Horse Whisperer” And The Law Of Attraction

A wonderful film “The Horse Whisperer.” In this article I show how the Law of Attraction is at the heart of it all.