The Many Faces of Betty White on Satellite TV Over the Ages

If there is anyone who has ever inspired so many people to like them without ever having met them, that person definitely has to be Betty White. And thankfully, her career is enjoying a complete revival, thanks to a bunch of hard-working Facebook users who decided that it was worthwhile to start a petition to have her host “Saturday Night Live.” But this is definitely not the first that most of us have seen of this incredible octogenarian. Betty White has been a popular guest on shows like “Ellen” for years, and before that, her face was all over television on various sitcoms that changed the way Americans viewed comedies and half-hour television programming.

The Benefits of HDTV For Home Movie Viewing

It used to be that a home entertainment center was seen as a work in progress. Even if you spent a ton of money on having the absolute best, you were still looking at a gigantic piece of equipment that was going to be absolutely hideous to look at when you weren’t watching the game or trying to hook up your BetaMax in vain. And the world of technology, especially at-home technology, has definitely made a lot of improvements in the past five years. You could say that these were more substantial than anything that’s ever happened before, because two big steps in the right direction have been accomplished at once.

Memento – An Analysis

The brilliance of Memento didn’t just lie on a single aspect but in almost every aspect of the film. As the plot unfolds, the audience is provided the answers that they desperately needs from a previous scene. However, these answers will only lead to more questions that makes the audience wait for more.

Memento – The Review

I consider Memento as Chris Nolan’s finest work. I believe the movie is his genius best. The movie is not just about a series of complex events created to confuse and hold the audience via a fake stimulus.

Children of Famous Parents and Their Story

This is article is a tribute to the children of this famous parents who braved to pursue their passion even if it meant forever lurking in the shadows of their parents: James McCartney – James rebelled against the success of his father so hard that he even went to the extent of working as a waiter just to make ends meet and not rely on his father’s money. He needed to do that just to prove to himself and the world that he is just like everyone else who is trying to find his way to the world.

Jay Vs Conan – The Events

This is as objective as objective can get. The events of one of the biggest controversy in TV’s modern day history…

Review of Kites

“REVIEW OF KITES” Finally the much awaited and anticipated movie of 2010, Kites released worldwide in almost 60 countries. The whole team of kites has promised an honest film and they have kept it. THE STORY: The movie is an honest attempt on a love story that ignites between a Spanish woman named ‘Linda’ and an American man named just ‘J’.

Stars Twinkle at Night!

Stars are known to lead different life style compared to the common man, and our Bollywood stars are no different. Of late we have been flooded with claims of few stars that they go to bed very late, almost in the morning.

Forgotten Science Fiction Television

Ever hear of these shows? A few have heard of them and forgotten them.

Three Must Watch Indian Crime Movies

There are very crime movies that made a niche, and fewer that became a cult. While foreign crime movies talked about intelligence and capers, Bollywood crime movies spoke about guts and glory.

Jessica Biel – An American Actress & Model

Jessica Biel with the full name Jessica Claire Biel was born in 3rd of March 1982. Her mother, Kimberly Biel is a homemaker and spiritual healer while her father, Jonathan Biel is an international business consultant and an entrepreneur. Her family has moved from Texas, Connecticut to Woodstock, Illinois before staying permanently in Boulder, Colorado.

Alyssa Milano – An Actress & Singer

Alyssa Milano’s full name is Alyssa Jayne Milano. She was born in 19th December 1972 in Brooklyn, New York City and grew up in Staten Island. She is the daughter of Lin, a talent manager and fashion designer with Thomas M. Milano, a boasting enthusiast and film music editor. She is an American singer and actress.