Should You Switch From DVD to Blu-Ray?

Blu-ray is the latest enhanced version of the DVD and offers you a sharper and clearer picture as well as increased disc storage and better sound, all in full HD. However it is also a more expensive format so is it worth switching to Blu-ray?

“Someplace Else” – Film Review

Anyone whose been reading my work knows that I’m passionate when it comes to my career as a freelance writer. What you might not know is that I’ve been contemplating on the direction in which I’d like my work to proceed…I’m noted for doing what I like to call ‘fluff’ pieces when it comes to entertainment/celebrity …however, I want to be taken seriously as a writer if for no other reason than to have my grandchildren say, “well done, grammy, well done.” Recently, I was given the opportunity of ‘proving’ myself by a great young Chicago Filmmaker who certainly takes his work seriously…I was honored to take up the challenge of screening “Someplace Else”- A Documentary.

Quantum of Solace Falls Short

Daniel Craig return as James Bond in the next in the series after Casino Royale. Quantum of Solace takes off where we left off in the Royale film. Bond is still holding the anger and resentment of losing his girl in his last undertakings.

Tips For Successful DVD Movie Online Rentals

Renting a DVD by mail continues to gain in popularity. Users have found the convenience and affordability of this new way to rent new releases of movies is much better than the local video store.

Madonna Never Stops

Madonna spoke about her success and how she feels now after all those years that are behind her. She is, and should be very proud to her career. Pop-queen said to the mag: “I had many goals… I did get to a point where I thought, ‘I’m being overambitious, I’m trying to say too much, I’ll never accomplish it.’ But I feel proud of the fact that I did get to make all my points.”

Revanche – The Peasant and the Prostitute – Tragic Lives in Rural Austria

Revanche, written and directed by Gotz Spielmann, is Austria’s most successful film of 2008 and a contender for the Oscar nomination. It is easy to see why. Johannes Krisch is fabulous as Alex, the peasant brute with a broken heart and an uncontrollable sex drive.

3 Dias, Produced by Antonio Banderas – When Nothing Matters As Much As Living Long Enough to Die

The 72 hours before a comet strikes is just enough time to launch a cult film about the struggle of good versus evil. This film may not go far with the Euro-Film-Fest Seventh-Art crowd, but it will definitely have legs to stand on for a long time.

TV Fans Share What They Know on Forums

For many television viewers, just watching their favorite shows is not enough. Online forums have become an extension of the viewing experience and this article talks about how that came to be.

Twilight Movie Releases With Impressive Box Office Debut

To most in the entertainment industry, the fact that the Twilight movie released impressively over the past weekend (Nov. 21-Nov. 23) comes as no surprise. The hype surrounding the release of the first movie in the Twilight series, based on the hugely popular teenage vampire series from Stephanie Meyer, has been tremendous and ongoing.

Ben Affleck – American Film Actor

Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt born on August 15, 1972 in Berkeley, California, US. He is one of the actors, directors and screen writers of the American film industry. He played many successful big budget films and established himself has a leading man in Hollywood.

Sneha – Indian Film Actress

Sneha alias name ‘Suhasini’ is one of the leading actress in south Indian films. She born on October 12,1981 in Mumbai,India She is known as a blend of beauty and talent. Her father Rajaram and mother name is Mrs.Padmavathy. She has one sister and two brothers. Though her parents hail from Rajamundhry, Andhra Pradesh, Sneha was born in Mumbai and brought up in Dubai. She came to notice in film industry when she performed in cultural show in Dubai, the director Fazil spotted her and recommended her to a Malayalam film.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Style in the City

Sarah Jessica Parker, the star of HBO’s hit show “Sex in the City”, was spotted in New York City with her son James Wilkie Broderick in tow. Sarah Jessica Parker, whose character ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ was always seen as a trendsetter who loved wearing expensive shoes like Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos, is actually quite thrifty. Sarah Jessica Parker mentioned that she actually has a fondness for labels like Top Shop which give shoppers value for their money. “I just can’t believe what they do for, like, $70. I love that they make fashion available for all women. That’s why everything in my own fashion range Bitten is under $20,” Sarah Jessica Parker said.