Naruto Accessories

Are you looking for Naruto accessories? We will tell you everything about them!

Movie Plots – 5 Movies Where Car Crashes Drive the Plot!

Every movie needs a great plot! These 5 movies have plots that are driven by single or multiple car crashes.

ESPN Suspends Tony Kornheiser For Being Himself

Many sports fans consider this time of year the “dry season.” College and pro football is over, the interminably long NBA regular season has more than 20 games yet to be played, spring training has not yet begun, and March Madness is still weeks away. Winter Olympics notwithstanding, there’s not a lot going on.

The Beauty of Renting Movies Online

If you are one of the thousands of people who regularly rent out DVD’s to watch at home, why not give online rentals a go? It works out a lot cheaper, as there isn’t just the hire price to take into consideration, but also the gas consumption. The price of the rentals and the gas combined over several months’ amounts to a huge amount of cash that you’re parting with.

Making Videos – Getting Quality Interviews

Making a compelling documentary style video requires that you get compelling interviews. Interviews will become the framework for your show so they need to be good. Here are some valuable, yet unexpected tips from a long time professional. This is the behind-the-scenes real stuff they’ll never teach you in Film School.

Fun Television Shows For 2010

We use out television for entertainment, that’s what it was designed for. We suspend belief for an hour or so while we enjoy being entertained. Some believe, however, that TV rots the brain cells with all the violence etc.

How to Get Into the Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab

You’ve got that killer script and no one’s giving you the time of day. Why not try the Sundance Screenwriter’s Institute. This will show you step by step how to get into this even if you’ve got the best horror movie ever or an award winning documentary.

Why Are Some Women So Addicted to Soap Operas?

You might not think that many women of today have much time to lounge around in front of the television during the day and watch all of the day time soaps that are on so many of the major networks. However, their ratings show that this is evidently not the always the case. Although the first airing of the soaps are during the day on the major networks there is another channel that airs them at night and they are dedicated solely to soap operas and other serial shows that women love.

I Hate Valentine’s Day – Review

It’s the time of year that every filmmaker comes up with a valentine’s day film in bid to profit from re-runs for years to come. This time it comes from the legendary makers from the hit comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but is this attempt a good one?

The Best Movies of the Past Ten Years

This article is a summary of some of the best movies of the past decade. The opening paragraph explains how important lighting can be to movies and the rest of the article goes on to examine some of the best movies that were made semi recently.

Nirmal Pandey Leaves Bollywood Comfortably Numb

On the 18th of February, 2010 Bollywood bided adieu to a great actor Nirmal Pandey. He was in his mid 40’s when he suffered a heart attack in Mumbai. Nirmal Pandey was educated at Almora and Nainital, Uttarakhand.

Buying Online Movie Tickets

There are lots of movie enthusiasts who are buying their movie tickets online because of the advantages or benefits they might be getting. There are several reasons for considering this choice.