Television Show: T.J. Hooker

T.J. Hooker, an American police drama television series starred by William Shatner.

Movies – Importance of Lighting in The Illusionist (2006) and Marie Antoinette (2006)

Rembrandt said “all is light.” If our reference is the visible universe, I think he is right. In movies, even emotions are dependent on the way a film is lighted. That’s why I think DP (director of photography) is such a crucial part of a film crew, perhaps as important as the Director herself.

American Idol Season 1 – Was It Really 5 Years Ago?

For a show that’s so familiar to everyone, it was just five years ago that a reality TV based singing show started.

Huge And Shocking ATWT Rumor

Huge late breaking news for “As The World Turns” fans. Contains spoiler and major casting news.

Scanning DVD Covers – Hints and Tips

If you want your DVD collection to look brilliant on display then they must have covers. This is why it is good practice to scan your DVD covers collection, especially those rare covers that may be difficult to find on the Internet at a later stage.

Protecting Child Stars: Laws and Regulations

Many parents want fame for their children and encourage them to pursue entertainment careers, but are they aware of the implications involved in raising a child star?

Convert (Transcode) Videos To Ipod Format

Arguably the best video codec available is DivX, providing much better quality than DVD and a size in an order of magnitude smaller filesize. It’s the perfect format for video on the web. Unfortunately the Apple iPod does not support the DivX video codec. In this article you are guided through the steps necessary to transcode (convert) your videos to iPod format.

Prison Break 2.17 Bad Blood – Review

The seventeenth episode of Prison Break’s season two called “Bad Blood” has garnered views that are “worlds apart.” Having an “either you like it or you don’t” point of view has sparked much controversy over the said episode.

Are We Wasting Our Money For Cable Or Satellite Service?

Is commercial television just commercials?

“Meet the Fockers” Gets a Real Boost From De Niro and Hoffman

“Meet the Fockers” is the best comedy I have seen in a long time. This movie could have been easily over-the-top with its descriptive title, but there is no hint of it in the presentation. A believable story line and an all-star cast with former Oscar-winners Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand (yes, Streisand won as Best Actress in Funny Girl) gave this comedy a real boost of professionalism. By reducing Ben Stiller to a lesser role and playing up the acting and timing talents of Hoffman and De Niro, this movie is so much better than the first that there can be no comparison between the two.

Choosing An Online DVD Rental Service

In 2004 NetFlix recent class action suit because they started to throttling there customers. If you don’t know what throttling is it is slowing down how quickly the customer received new movies.

How To Watch HDTV On Computer

There are lots of ways nowadays to watch regular TV programs on PC, but what provides High Definition TV?