Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s career is at an all time high. She keeps the movies interesting and she is very voluptuous. She has become a teen idol, that has been able to reach success with her songs and acting career. Paris Hilton is trying to achieve similar status, but I doubt she will reach the top like Lindsay Lohan.

Celebrities on Reality TV

Celebrities and their families on reality tv. Meet the Osbournes. Hogan Knows Best. Watch Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady) and Adrian Curry get married. Anna Nicole Smith and Dog The Bounty Hunter also got involved with reality television.

Celebrity Gossip: What’s The Attraction?

Have you ever found yourself enthralled by what goes on in the personal lives of celebrities? Well, you aren’t alone. A huge percentage of people all over the world look forward to opening up their magazine of choice and reading about what the famous are up to.

Following in the Footsteps of a Celebrity

Everyone nowadays like to concern themselves with the lives of clebs – what’s it all about?

The Explorer and the Talking Monkey – All About Dora and Boots

Boots is Dora’s best pal. He is a talking monkey who helps Dora with her every task. He seldom frets on matters which require problem-solving. Yet it is evident that Boots loves to assist Dora and complete her mission. You can observe Boots as an outgoing and active monkey.

Andy’s Gang

Andy’s Gang was a popular kid’s tv show that ran from 1955 to 1960 out of NBC’s New York affiliate station. It was nationally networked in 1957/8.

3 Tips to Pass American Idol First Round Audition

Tips on how to pass American Idol audition and make yourself shown on TV.

Reality Television – America Now Watches Reality TV and Admits It

When the first Reality TV Shows aired like Survivor, American Idol and Big Brother, viewers didn’t know what to make of them and were very critical. This was a foreign concept and not well embraced. Now America has grown to love this very personal type of television.

The Aura of Films

From the masterpieces of Charlie Chaplin to last year’s mind-blowing blockbuster of “Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow,” the film industry seems to have fully realized what technology advancements can be created in relation to ticket sales, while studios straggle to manage and reinvent themselves by allowing the consumer market to explore new entertainment paths.

The Ghost and Mrs Muir

When a book is adapted to a movie and then a television series, you can be sure it is something special. In 1945, Josephine Lesley penned the beautiful novel The Ghost and Mrs Muir.

Disney / ABC Deserve Credit – Sept. 11th ABC Movie

It is rare, rare indeed when a major media entity bucks the trend, and does what it believes in. Recently ABC under Disney’s guidance aired the $40 million production, “The Path to 9/11”. This was a five hour-two night portrayal of the events that led to 9/11. Having gone through the history of terrorism over the last 25 years, I believe this portrayal was as accurate as you can get. The screenwriters were not politically motivated in any way. They could have come down on the Clinton Administration much harder than what you saw; Bush was not given a free pass either.

The Omen Is Creepy But Not Classic

The Omen is a film that was released on, of all dates, June 6th of 2006. This was a major promotional opportunity, due to the fact that the date in numerical format was 06/06/06. A remake, the original Omen was created in 1976 and directed by Richard Donner.