Go-Go-Go-To The Holiday Rock

Filmed out of season at ‘Warner’s’ holiday camp at Dovercourt, Essex, the set seemed credible enough to pass as a 1959 fictional ‘Maplins,’ at the even more fiction postcard town of Crimpton-on-Sea. Due to the desertion of such a camp out of season (a phrase now as long gone as the show,) the camp, in itself, needed no finery and plumpness to bring it into the Fifties era. The chalets needed no down treading and the swimming pool look just as uninviting – even the fictitious Hawaiian Ballroom eerily needed no plastic palm trees. What was needed now was a strong cast and more importantly – a believable one.

Band Of Brothers DVD-A Historically Powerful Series

A review of an award winning series, that is based on historical events.

4 Average Movies That Do Not Get Any Better the Second Time Around

Dave Buznik (Adam Sandler) is a businessman who is wrongly sentenced to an anger-management program following an incident on airline flight, but insult is added to injury when Dr. Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson), an aggressive, unorthodox therapist, becomes his live in roommate during rehabilitation. This film is dominated by Nicholson, has a script that begs for better lines, and becomes annoying after awhile, which is very similar to Nicholson’s character in the movie. I am not altogether sure this movie would not have been better if the roles of Nicholson and Sandler were reversed.

How To Direct Actors – A Few Tips

Directing actors is not an easy task. It requires having a lot of patience and being able to listen. You have to understand where your actor is coming from and why.

Put Movies On Zune

Putting movies on Zune is not difficult. In fact, using the zune software, it is very straight forward and easy. The zune software allows you to sync your movies and video files from either itunes or windows media player. By default, when you connect the zune player to a computer, it will automatically synchronize between windows media player.

The Production Managers Guide to Television Lighting

A Bluffers guide to the technology and of the terms commonly used in lighting. Never again be baffled by techno speak!

Kurt and Courtney

Due to the well-documented controversy surrounding the film throughout its production, many people have viewed this film in order to see ‘what the commotion was about’. A great deal of this controversy appeared when Broomfield’s financial partners for the film, MTV, withdrew their support after Courtney Love threatened legal action against the company and Broomfield.

Download Movies To Zune-Scam Or Real?

There are many zune downloads sites out there in the market but you may be wondering which are the ones that score well in terms of usability, pricing, etc.

Poetic Realism: The Film Genre a Director Died to Make

More a tendency than a genre in its own right, poetic realism was a highly influential yet short-lived movement in French cinema of the 1930s, a brief outbreak of lyricism sandwiched between the bludgeoning horrors of two world wars. Unlike Soviet montage or French impressionism, poetic realism was never a unified movement or ideology, rather a loosely conceived feeling and evocation: poetic, otherworldly at times, yet committed to showing reality “as it was” – a cinema of life and of heart.

You Cannot Forget Captain Jack Sparrow, But National Treasure Is One Heck of a Hunt

It took an inordinately long time for movie land to bring us a modern day treasure hunt worth watching, but Director Jon Turteltaub delivered big time in National Treasure, the story of a secret treasure that crosses the centuries. National Treasure is full of obscure clues. Unlike the Indiana Jones trilogy with Harrison Ford, where you are drawn to Ford and his action adventure antics, National Treasure stays focused on the clues with the actors not upstaging the treasure hunt story line.

Night at the Museum: Don’t Go and Watch It

This has got to be the best film that I have seen in a long time. I took my young son with me and he also said that it was “absolutely brilliant” and I have to say he is in no way easily pleased. A typical youngster!

Shilpa Shetty Picture of Indian Beauty

Shilpa Shetty picture of Indian beauty; I think most people in the world have now probably heard of Shilpa Shetty but up until a few weeks ago she was only really known by people in India and by her Bollywood films. When she entered the UK Celebrity Big Brother house in January 2007 most viewers in the UK had never heard of the Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty, although she did come into the house with lots of cheers.