Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time

The Super Bowl is over and everyone is talking. What was the highlight?

The Drive-In Movie

For those of that are old enough to remember, there was nothing quite like a trip to the drive-in to see a favorite movie! The drive-in theaters have pretty much disappeared from the American Landscape, but in their day they were quite the rage! In the northern part of the country it was mainly a warm weather activity, however some drive-ins had window heaters installed so if one could keep the frost off the windshield, movies could be enjoyed in even the coldest of weather.

Heroes Returns – A Clear and Present Danger – It Has to Get Better From Here, Right?

I think we can safely say the most entertaining moments on television involving the cast of Heroes lately came in the form of a couple of cute promos during the Superbowl Sunday night. By the way, in the grand tradition of this past Friday’s Galactica, once again we end on a cliffhanger that is IMMEDIATELY resolved as they launch into the following week’s preview that shows everyone survives the plane crash.

Why I Love Only Fools and Horses

Only Fools and Horses is well loved British comedy series. I am here to say why I love it.

Professional Voice Overs – Representing Perfect Skills

Professional voice overs add value to your presentations and telephone messaging services. Making a difference to your business, they help you deal directly with your clients.

The New Watchmen Trailer Campaign

For the past week, some friends of mine gave me links to a video on you tube. As I open it, I begin to watch a very old looking news report: NBS Nightly News with Ted Philips, March 11th 1970.

Collectible Screen Plays – Film Scripts Worth a Fortune

In the world of ephemera looks can be deceiving. To an untrained eye a scruffy pile of paper may actually be the building blocks of a Hollywood blockbuster like Quentin Tarantino’s star studded Pulp Fiction – a document worth $950. Movie scripts or screenplays can become very valuable and highly sought after in the collector markets, while many others can be bought relatively cheaply.

The Juicy Bits on The Battlestar Galactica Cast

Edward wanted to be a professional baseball player. But he ended up trying to be a rock star. The always beautiful Mary Mc Donnell plays Madam President in the Battlestar Galactica universe. Mary was first famous for her work in theater on the East Coast.

The Watchmen Superheroes

The Watchmen are superheroes of a different breed. Very different from the ones most people are used to anyway.

V For Vendetta – Another Iconic Book From the Watchmen Creator

While the WATCHMEN feature film adaptation is getting a hell of a lot of press for the original graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, we mustn’t forget that there has been much more from the comics legend with the beard. Another of maverick author Alan Moore’s fantastic pieces of graphic fiction, namely V For Vendetta, also came to our screens back in 2005. Even though Moore disowned the project (As he has also done with Zack Snyder’s WATCHMEN film), that film adaptation was remarkably faithful to the beloved and well respected source material, as well as being a very strong film in its own right.

Denny Crane and Alan Shore – Ya Gotta Love ‘Em

A fictional love affair between two heterosexual men, namely Denny Crane and Alan Shore as played by the enormously talented actors, William Shatner and James Spader, of the defunct TV show (dammit!) Boston Legal.

Top 10 Classic Movies

A classic movie is quite simply a movie that has stood the test of time, regardless of genre, regardless of age. A classic transcends all its classifications and manages to hold your attention all over again. In reverse order here are my top 10.