Ninja Turtle Nostalgia

When I was about 8 years old I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle more than anything else in the world. Unlike other prospective professions, there was no real preparation anyone could give me to be a Ninja Turtle. I watched the cartoons carefully to see how the Ninja Turtles became who they were. In piecing together what I could from the disjointed cartoon and the comic book, I learned that toxic ooze was the reason the Ninja Turtles came to be. Toxic ooze? No problem for an 8 year old! So the quest began…

Grassroots Efforts Help Build Awareness and Momentum of a Movie Script

Screenwriter and her sisters take matters in their own hands to get grassroots efforts to support quality, African-American family film. The Lemon Tea script has received much acclaim for its funny, sometimes sad, heartwarming family story, with a message that transcends age, race or gender. In brief, the story surrounds the main character, Libby who is ashamed of her dark skin, but soon discovers that beauty comes in a myriad of shades, and furthermore, the beauty that lasts forever comes from the heart. The sisters are finding there are many who are willing to support their efforts.

“Bride Wars” – The Friendship!

The movie Bride Wars is a predictable but fun movie about two lifelong friends who get engaged at the same time. As their wedding plans progress, their friendship starts to fall apart. It is a great movie to remind brides about what is really important in life.

“Bride Wars” – The Fashion!

One of the most eagerly anticipated movies for brides-to-be and indeed, women of all ages, is the film Bride Wars, starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. Just like a real wedding, the first thing that everyone wonders is, “What will the bride be wearing?” The fashion in this movie is double the fun because you have two times the brides.

Why Twilight is Actually a Good Movie

I have seen the highly anticipated adaption of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire saga, Twilight, four times in theaters. Yes, I realize that this means I have basically shelled out 40+ dollars to see Robert Pattinson stare broodingly at me for two hours. Yes, I have spent 8+ hours that I should have been using to study for my finals watching scenes that I’d both seen and read before.

Casting Calls Near Me and You, Has Never Been So Easy With These 4 Magic Steps

Casting calls are great fun, and having endless opportunities near me and you, to be in the next movies, sound track. Don’t get thrown by the fact that you might be acting in movies or music videos and you don’t have the confidence or talent – most of the time no talent is needed, actually almost 100% of the time, and if you do have the odd talent, well then there is a lot room for you to play.

Is There Any Point in Watching Live TV Anymore?

We now have more TV channels at our disposal than ever before but I’m increasingly finding that I hardly ever sit down and watch TV shows live any more. There seems little point because there are numerous chances to watch these same shows whenever you want.

Quantum of Solace Review

I’ll admit that I went into Quantum of Solace more or less dreading a repeat of the License To Kill debacle. All the danger signs were there, a rushed script because of a writers’ strike, threats of Bond going rogue again plus the problem that great Bond films are usually followed by naff ones. The short running time wasn’t encouraging, nor the bigger budget and promise of more action. Sadly, this isn’t one of the great Bond films, and Casino Royale set the bar far too high for it to compete against.

The Brave One

[voiceover, doing her radio show] I’m Erica Bain. And as *you* know, I walk the city. I bitch and moan about it. I walk and watch and listen, a witness to all the beauty and ugliness that is disappearing from our beloved city. Last week took me to the gray depths of the East River where Dmitri Panchenko swims his morning laps…

Cutthroat-Cooking on Iron Chef

Welcome to the most competitive kitchen arena in the world. Iron Chef is a spectacularly competitive cooking program available on cable and satellite TV where some of the finest contemporary chefs show off their skills in a heated showdown. Hosted in Japan and originally produced by FujiTV, the shows incredible success with viewers has opened it up to international audiences in recent years, with a long and proud history in Japanese television. The show has been so successful that it has spawned an American offspring, Iron Chef America, hosted here in the US (but still attracting the same quality of of local and international chefs).

Get to Know Your Planet With the National Geographic Channel

With over a century at the forefront of efforts to document and explore the world that surrounds us, the name National Geographic rings a bell in the ears and minds of all who hear it, from school kids to teachers to housewives to businessmen. With as hefty a reputation as an organization like this brings to the table, it’s not surprising to learn that their venture into the world of TV has been a resounding success.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Top 5 Movies on Satellite TV

Paying homage to the greatest action hero of all time is no easy task. Yet, seeing as Arnie is currently occupied being the Governator of California and subsequently leads a more austere and busy life than in days of yore, a review of the best movies this monster of the big screen has ever starred in will have to suffice. Surely after reading this, the urge to pull out the deluxe edition of one of these cinematic gems that you bought yourself for Christmas and relish Arnold’s might while reclining in front of your HD set will overcome you…so go ahead and prepare some popcorn in preparation.