Tollywood – The Rise, Fall and Reemergence of Bangla Cinema in India

The Bangla cinema industry in India is more commonly known as Tollywood, from the words Tollygunge and Hollywood. Tollygunge is an area in Kolkata, West Bengal in India where most of the Bangla film studios are based. In fact, Tollywood is the first Hollywood-inspired name, preceding the more popular Mumbai-based Bollywood.

Review of Food Inc

Must see. MUST SEE. In case you weren’t paying attention when you read the first two sentences, you must see this film. What I love about this depiction is that the current state of our food industry was not presented as the result of some fiendish plot to control the world, but rather as a food revolution fueled by America’s appetite for fast food.

How Bruce Lee Changed the World – A History Channel Biography

“How Bruce Lee Changed The World” is a very interesting and entertaining biography produced by the History Channel. Rather than just focusing on Bruce Lee’s life, this program’s focus is on how Bruce Lee influenced many areas of popular culture and society. Martial Artists and Bruce Lee fans will definitely enjoy this biography, but I think fans of action movies will also enjoy seeing Bruce Lee’s impact on action cinema.

UFC! TUF Season 11 Teams – Titto VS Chuck

The Ultimate Fighter season 11 has finally kicked off. With the coaches being Chuck Liddell and Titto Ortiz.

Citizen Kane – The Greatest Movie of All Time Almost Didn’t Happen

Citizen Kane is considered to be one of the greatest movies ever made. It ranked #1 on the American Film Institutes to 100 films list in 2007.

My Television Sent Me to War

I am a big fan of American military history and the role played by our fighting men and women in all of the great conflicts of the twentieth century and in the first decade of the new millennium. No, I don’t like war. It’s wasteful, deadly, expensive, and, of course, harmful to one’s health.

Foreign Films to Awaken the Senses on Satellite TV

After a steady diet of Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger films, movie fans can hit a rough patch. Does anything matter besides guns and terrorist plots?

Help Your International Man Get Settled With Satellite TV

Is your boyfriend or husband from overseas? If so, you’ve probably noticed that he can get pretty bummed being so far away from home now and again. For someone who has never spent a significant amount of time (we’re talking years) away from where their home country, the process of international homesickness can be hard to understand.

Learn to Play Guitar – About Pickup Toggle Positions

Learning to play guitar? Ever wondered what that toggle is actually for?

Helping Your Lady From Abroad Feel Settled With Satellite TV

If your girlfriend, wife, or partner is from overseas, then you’ve probably had your fair share of relationship strain over the cultural divide. There are many stressful emotional factors that influence a person when living overseas. Even if your relationship isn’t the only reason your lady is sticking around, be prepared to be there in a big way when the going gets tough.

Running on the Sun Documentary Review

Running on the Sun is a documentary about the Badwater Ultramarathon. This race traverses 135 miles of desert, climbing from a few hundred feet below sea level to the top of Mount Whitney at over 8000 feet above sea level. The set was fantastic. Given that the documentary was filmed on location during the actual race, you can not much beat the desert and the mountains for scenic views. If you enjoy running or like to watch interesting documentaries, I highly recommend giving Running on the Sun a rent and taking a look at it.

A Few Quick Tips About Enjoying 3D at Home

Some people are getting excited about the prospect of having the 3D experience available right in their own living rooms. While this does sound exciting and will bring the home theater viewing experience to a new level. There are still some question that need to be answered. Find out some quick tips that should help you better understand what you need to do to bring the 3D experience home with you.