10 Movies That Everyone Should See

There are millions of movies out there in the world, however only a few of them are worth time and money. Many of these movies companies like 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Stone Touch, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros Pictures invest huge sums of money in making movies whiles others go on a low budget to make movies. In spite of the difference in quality, these movies all end up on the same market.

Opening Credits and the Importance of Opening Credits in the Film Industry

We all know that each particular TV show at the beginning, has a short video for presentation. Well this short videos at the beginning of every episode that we like so much, are called opening credits.

Avatar the Legend of Korra – Sequel to Avatar the Last Airbender

Fans of the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender will be pleased to learn that a sequel series is planned for release sometime in 2011. Called Avatar: The Legend of Korra, the series will take place 75 years after the events of the original series, and it will follow the adventures of Korra, the latest Avatar after Aang.

Avatar Episodes Are Great For Everyone

If you have a child that is a fan of animated cartoons, you may want to obtain a few Avatar episodes for them to watch. This is a popular cartoon that millions of children have enjoyed over the past few years.

On the Fading of the “Guiding Light”

September, 2009 marked the final telecast of the longest-running “soap opera” in history, “The Guiding Light”, which was originally on radio in the 30s and then on television for decades. Although I hadn’t watched it in years (and apparently I wasn’t alone in this), I was very sad to see it go. Like so many things in my life (I admit; I’m a nostalgic, romantic sap), I have a sentimentality on the occasion of its demise…

Enter the Void (Gaspar Noe, 2010) – New Movie Review

There isn’t a single frame that Noe doesn’t inflect with layers and layers of effects. Given his intention of recreating the experience of a hallucinogenic trip, it’s a bit obvious to choose Tokyo, with its fluorescent lights and strange foreignness to Americans, as the film’s setting. Soon Noe’s camera swoops over rooftops, through apartment walls, into the backs of people’s heads, into fires and lights and urns.

Better With You Premieres This Fall on ABC

If you are looking for a great new relationship comedy to watch with your significant other, give Better With You a try this fall. Better With You centers around Maddie (Jennifer Finnigan) and Ben (Josh Cooke), a couple that has been dating for nine years and, on the surface, seem to be content with their limited commitment relationship.

Review – New ‘Fame’ Unable to Dethrone Original

Can the new version of ‘Fame’ Become the Biggest Dance Movie Ever? Not even close.

Contemporary TV Drama – What Makes a Good TV Show?

What makes a good TV show? Common attributes, such as strong characters, interesting character relationships, ongoing arcs plus stories of the week, and drama with a touch of comedy, are discussed here, with reference to some popular US TV shows such as House, White Collar, and Breaking Bad.

Home Alone – A Comedy Just for Kids

A boy named Kevin is played by Macaulay Culkin. In this movie, some robbers go to a nice neighborhood right before Christmas. They go from house to house dressed as police officers asking each homeowner when they will be out of town so they can watch their house for them.

Legally Blonde – The Perfect Teenage Girl Comedy

Elle lives at the sorority Delta Nu with many other girls. She gets ready for her date with Warner. The whole sorority helps her get ready since Elle is pretty sure that this is the night Warner will be proposing.

Recent French Movies

When it comes to the French movies and the paradigm of cinema followed in France. One thing is worth noticing that is the subtle yet intelligent tradition that the French follows.