The Real Love of Robert Pattinson

The world’s hottest vampire, Robert Pattinson, is responsible for making millions of girls from all over the world swoon. Robert Pattinson’s popularity sky rocketed when he became a part of the highly popular movie series, the Twilight saga.

Collecting Star Wars Posters

Star Wars is the most popular among sci-fi movies. Not many could have thought the debut of the 1977 flick would have set the pace for the media giant that made George Lucas what he is best remembered for today. Just about everything you can think of had a Star Wars theme.

My Favorite Movies Starring Nicholas Cage

Any time I talk about some of my favorite actors, one person that I always feel the need to mention is Nicholas Cage. Nicholas Cage may not be the best actor per se, but I always find him to be entertaining, and in general, I feel that he usually picks good scripts to star in. This article will highlight some of my favorite Nicholas Cage films of all time.

Know About Star Wars History

In the early 1970s little did anyone expect that any movie will get so popular and become an instant hit at the box office. So much did the popularity of the movie increased that it became a phenomenon and was one of the highest grossing films at that time.

A Beginners Guide to Know the History of Superman

Superman is one of the most famous fictitious characters on earth. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman first appeared in 1939 in Dalton Comics. Going by the history of Superman, he is the son of Jor-El who lived in the planet Krypton.

Amitabh and Sridevi Pair Up For a Movie

Legendary Bollywood actors Amtabh Bachchan and Sridevi have paired up again, to star in Balki’s next movie named ‘Big B’. They starred together last in the movie ‘Khuda Gawah’ which was a Bollywood super hit.

Evolution of Best New Movies

What makes a good movie? Most insist on a solid story line. Others may beg to differ as a stellar cast seems to draw in the crowds regardless of sense or sensibility.

Freeview HD Television on Demand

It appears Freeview HD is gaining much attention from the public. A few digital TV solutions offer consumers as many as 50 digital channels without a subscription or contract. This no hassle solution offers entertainment for everyone to enjoy and even provides up to 24 digital radio stations.

9 Tips For Stretching Your Production Budget

In the current climate, everybody is looking for the best tips save money. If you want some ideas for making the most of your video production budget then keep reading.

Tale of the John Travolta Biography

Much has been said in the John Travolta biography by many writers and posts in online sites. Perhaps it is interesting to note that he goes by his birth name in his acting career. Not many can attest to that fact as some feel their names lack the magnetism and presence, or may portray an overly-cultural connotation.

What’s With a Movie Genre List

It is interesting to observe how everything evolves, given time and chance. Movie genres are no exception as it probably started with a handful in the early days and has now grown exponentially.

My Favorite Movies Starring Denzel Washington

When it comes to movies, one of my favorite actors working today is without a doubt Denzel Washington. Everything about the guy is likable, and with his high level of talent, it comes as no surprise that over the past two decades, he has become of the greatest actors working in Hollywood. Here is a list of my top 5 favorite movies starring Denzel Washington.