A Full Critic of the Transformers Movie

Another multi million dollar blockbuster movie with a million dollar computer generated imagery (CGI) budget directed by Micheal Bay. The hype of the Transformers movie had been built up since almost half a year ago with the releases of some CGI videos of transformer characters, official movie website & sneak peak trailers.

Smash Hit High School Musical Makes Hudgens An American Houshold Name

Disney’s record-breaking TV movie High School Musical propelled co-star Vanessa Hudgens into the spotlight and made her an overnight star. The success of this Salinas, CA native is no surprise, as she appeared in her musical at the tender age of 8. After landing a spot in a commercial, Hudgens’ parents moved the family to Los Angeles to help the talented youngster pursue her career as an actor. Hudgens’ quick rise to fame has also taken its toll, and nude photos of the 18 year old surfaced online in 2007.

Dance Shows – Genre or Craze?

For two years the celebrity dance competition Dancing with the Stars and the common folks’ version So You Think You Can Dance have dominated their time slots. January 7, 2008, Dancing with the Stars judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli usher in the second wave of primetime dance with the six-episode ABC mini-series Dance War.

10 Movies You Must Watch Before You Die

Dying very soon? Are you on a death toll? Well, before you die, there are 10 great movies that you must watch first. How did I know that this is worth your time? I watched it, and so must you, to prove that I am right. Due to boredom and got nothing else to do, I decided to have a movie marathon by myself. I went to my entertainment room and selected 10 movies that I love the most. It took me 15 hours just watching them. Here are my top 10 greatest movies of all time.

I Am Legend, Starring Will Smith – Spiritual Themes

I Am Legend does a particularly good job of demonstrating the spiritual implications of such a biological disaster. There are hints throughout the movie that keep God in forefront of the plot.

Online Television Has Gone to a Whole New Level

It seems that the days of grainy, streaming video may finally be behind us. Now that so much of the world’s population has broadband internet, new resources are popping up all over the place that allow us to use our computers and internet connection like a high quality television set. All while working on that report that your boss has been hounding you about all week.

Is the Anime Naruto Suitable For Kids?

Naruto is popular Japanese animation that has hit US market with great success. However the content from animation are generally taking on a very different perspective toward kids versus the cartoons that is made and shown here in the US such as Bugs Bunny. While Bugs Bunny is geared toward positive and satire oriented humor, Japanese Animation portrays problems within individuals or societies. The biggest anime shown in the US today is Naruto, is this difference going to effect our kids and why?

“Nanny McPhee” – An Excellent Movie With Magic and a Message for Children

In an entertainment world full of trashy and violent video games and movies, Nanny McPhee is everything good about movies for children. You and your children can watch this film without fear of unpleasant and unwanted garbage rooted in sensationalism for ratings and greed. Nanny McPhee is an excellent film with a wonderful message for all children to recognize and understand.

Bridget Jones’s Diary – Reality In A Nutshell

Movies make us think and this one did. My interpretation of this fantastic Renee Zellweger movie.

Project Runway – A Great Example of Fashion TV

Fashion effects everyone in society as to what they wear. Capturing this reality of fashion as it happens is what fashion TV is all about. Read on to learn more.

The Biggest TV Star Of Them All

Here’s a trivia question for you: who appears in over half of all North American, English language television programs? Commercials don’t count, so if you’re thinking Beyonce or Peyton Manning, try again.

An Angelina Jolie Twins Movie Idea

Imagine you are in a very tall building. You could not see any scenery when you looked out the windows. You reckon the building is so high up that you could only see clouds & nothing more. A man brought you there, dressed in a floral Hawaiian shirt, expensive cotton pants with a body builder’s physique, probably one of her private bodyguards.