Your Favorite Gossip Girl Cast – Blake Lively in Real Life

Blake Christina Lively, a favorite Gossip Girl cast member, is never new to the world of Hollywood. Born to actors Elaine and Ernie Lively in Tarzana, California, and the youngest of 5 children, Lively was indeed meant to thread a path in Hollywood belonging to a family that has been involved in the industry herself. However, Blake was not initially set on following her family’s path.

Cable and Satellite Viewers – No Worries

The transition from analog to digital is known as the digital, or DTV, transition. This transition had its start in 1996 when the United States Congress allowed television stations to start digital broadcast channels along with the analog channels. Now, Congress has mandated that all broadcasting be in digital.

Read This Article Before You Buy a Home Theater

The lack of space necessary for most home theater systems is one reason that most people avoid purchasing one. Quality and the ability to purchase are two considerations that are taken into account with increasing frequency in a world market that is consumed by a lack of space.

Top 10 Break Up Movies

Looking for a pity party on DVD? Here’s a weekend’s worth of self indulgence for anyone who’s ever been set up, stood up, or split up. There’s something for everyone here – from the bitter ex, to the meaningless sex, from Bogie to Barbra, John Cusack to Jane Austen. So bring a box of Kleenex to bed, get ready for a good cry, and a good laugh. When it’s over, your popcorn bowl will be empty. But you’ll always have Paris.

Finding Twilight Gifts

Looking for Twilight gifts for the Twilight fan in your life? We’ll help you find Twilight gifts for even the most diehard Twilight fan.

Review of the New James Bond Film the Quantum of Solace

Here is a short review of the new James Bond film The Quantum of Solace, which I went to see last night. Initially as the film started I found it quite disorientating as the camera work was so fast I was finding it hard to focus on what was going on. I guess my old eyes just weren’t up to the speed.

Gossip Girl Cast – A Glimpse at Taylor Momsen

Gossip Girl is a phenomenon. Its ratings and endorsement deals are proofs that the show has permanently made itself part of the 21st century teen pop culture.

TomKat and the Becks Celebrate Thanksgiving in Style

The friendship between TomKat and the Becks, two A-List Hollywood couples, has made headlines ever since David and Victoria Beckham moved to America. David Beckham, one of the best football players in the world, and Victoria (a former Spice Girl) went to support Katie Holmes in her play, “All My Sons”. They accompanied Katie’s husband Tom Cruise as they all headed to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater to watch Katie’s performance.

How to Get Selected to Participate in a Reality Show

With television turning more and more toward reality shows, it has opened up the world of entertainment to you and me, common viewers. Suddenly, anyone can participate in show biz, but you are going to have a lot of competition. So, how do you manage to get selected to participate in a reality show?

Twilight – The Book Comes to the Big Screen – An Outsider’s View

Some thoughts on the release and success of the first Twilight movie, from a non-fan who is open to being shown the charms of the series. The thing is huge, so there has to be SOMETHING to it, hasn’t there?

Why Dexter is My Favorite Show on Television

I rarely bother watching TV. Most of what makes it on the tube is mindless cookie cutter drivel. But there are a few exceptions and most of them seem to be on the pay cable networks (HBO & Showtime.) Dexter is the best drama on television right now.

James Bond Quiz – Which is the Coolest James Bond Film?

James Bond is no Superman. Though this may be true, his propensity for saving the world can rival that of any popular superhero we know.