Outdoor Movie Event Planning – What If It Rains?

There are many wonderful things about outdoor movies; it is delightful to be outside with friends and family and enjoy a movie under the stars in a unique setting. Ill-timed rain can throw a devastating wrench into the plan if you have not considered the possibility of rain and planned ahead. Here are some tips for being prepared in case of inclement weather.

Iron Man 3 News

The main villain in Iron Man 3 will be The Mandarin. The Mandarin will be played by British actor Ben Kingsley. To many Iron Man film fans this may be the first time of them here of a villain named The Mandarin.

Hollywood Talent Agent Auditions: The Truth About Monologues

Should you put time and energy toward polishing up your strongest monologues in hopes of attracting a talent agent? I will discuss the reality of using monologues as a tool for displaying your talent to prospective talent agencies.

Red Dwarf Series 9: What Is It, Where Is It and When Is It?

If you don’t remember ever seeing Red Dwarf Series 9, you could be forgiven for thinking you had started to lose the plot. You remember the series 8 finale ‘Only The Good’, which ended with a cliffhanger involving Red Dwarf being eaten by a corrosive virus and Rimmer kicking Death in the happy sack before fleeing into the disintegrating ship; the others having become trapped in a mirror universe. That was all back in 1999, and we have been waiting patiently ever since wondering if we would ever find out what became of our favourite space bums.

The Top Five Empowering Films for Women

Women often want to watch movies that show off the strength of femininity, especially since most movies focus on men and how they live, work, and play in society. The goal of a good empowering movie is to make women proud of who they are, their gender, and how far the female gender has come against adversity. Women in these movies overcome stereotypes; they are no longer a damsel in distress or someone who needs help from a man in order to succeed.

2012 Emmy Award Predictions

The 2012 Primetime Emmy nominations were announced last week by Kerry Washington and a pajama-clad Jimmy Kimmel. The nominations, which honor the best in the year of television, were full of old and new favorites, as well as a few significant snubs. As a self-proclaimed television addict, I was in front of the TV when the nominations were announced, and I’ve compiled my predictions for who will win the major categories, who I think should win, and who was noticeably absent from the nods.

When Popular Musicians Make Movie Soundtracks

Music made for Movies used to be left for classical composers and orchestras, nowadays, almost any decent musician may well have a film score in them. We look over some popular musicians who have gone on to make music for the silver screen.

Fawlty Towers

The door bell rings and standing in the porch with a hopeful and expectant look on their face is generally an Australian or an American. The question that follows is nearly always the same. “Can you tell me where we can find Fawlty Towers?”

Know More About “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills”

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is a reality television series. It is an episodic show. Its main focus is to show the life provided with lavish wealth and honour. In every season six women participate who are of middle age. They are married and have children. Their personal lives are presented in a very fine way. They are given the big houses for their stay and cars for their comfort. The ladies are having good professions and are doing best in their careers. But now in the show, they are to spend a life of housewife and have to prove themselves best in that also.

The Movie Fifty Shades of Grey Gets the Social Network Treatment

Fifty Shades of Grey hasn’t even been cast, yet it’s becoming one of the most talked about movies in a record amount of time. The books themselves have taken the world by storm, even beating the sales of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Twilight series into submission.

Who Will Play Anastasia Steele in The Movie Fifty Shades of Grey?

 After her roommate gets sick, Anastasia Steele has to step in to cover an interview with CEO Christian Grey for the college paper. Expecting a dull, middle-aged man, she’s surprised when she meets with the dazzlingly handsome, 27-year-old Mr.

The Top Four Movie Soundtracks of 2012

Hundreds of movies are released each year, and many of them receive praise for their graphics, actors and themes. What about the soundtracks? A soundtrack adds color to a movie through music; many pieces in films have full orchestras, professional singers and musicians who help create a unique soundtrack to make scenes fly by with energy and conviction.