Movie Review – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) (PG-13)

The title is Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and indeed, it’s all about the shadowy arts of cleverness and deception. This is to be expected when you have an adversarial relationship between two supremely intelligent men. I am, of course, referring to detective-for-hire Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.) and Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris), both engaged in a deadly battle of wits in 1891 Europe. They’re each faced with the monumental task of being one step ahead of the other, which requires a thought process and an attention to detail that most would consider inhuman.

Movie Review: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters is the soon-to-be-released action horror comedy movie that is co-written by Dante Harper, and has been directed by Tommy Wirkola. Due to the fact that this movie if Dante Harper’s screenwriting debut, there are many persons who are skeptical about whether or not this film will be a hit in theaters.

Get A Clue – Seeing “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” Is Academic [1]

In life, there are rarities. Among them are blue moons, dolphin sightings, Courtney Love in sobriety and, most specifically, a sequel that surpasses the original.

Movie Genres Simplify Online Browsing

We movie lovers are always on the hunt for our next newfound film gem to rent online. We’re also eager to scope out the most plausible candidate for our next successful theater experience.

Ralph Fiennes – The Mystery of His Role in Skyfall

With millions of fans around the world, the James Bond films always create tremendous anticipation and Skyfall, which is currently in production, is no exception. The film, the 23rd in the James Bond series, had been beset by delays after the bankruptcy of Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer forced pre-production work to close down in 2010 and when released in October 2012 it will be four years since the previous film.

Movie Review – WE (2011) (R)

Madonna’s W.E. is one of the slickest-looking misfires of recent memory. As a contemporary melodrama – with high romance, deep tragedy, and a manipulative plot that completely bypasses the roadblocks of plausibility – it doesn’t really deliver. As a showcase of costume design, makeup and hair, and art direction, it’s a triumph. Every frame drips with sophistication and glamor, as if made to resemble a photo spread in an issue of Vogue.

45 Minute Shows – A Revolution in Television

When the usual television programming has 30-minute and 60-minute shows, how does a new strategy to introduce 45-minute shows by SONY Entertainment Television, impact the television industry. Will it boost TRPs for SONY and pose as a serious threat to other channels?

Movie Review of New Year’s Eve

Occasionally, when my cupboards are a little bare and I haven’t had the chance to get to the grocery store, I will rummage through my refrigerator and try to come up with a creative masterpiece to put in front of my family for dinner. That’s kind of the premise behind the movie “New Year’s Eve”, the latest concoction of director Gary Marshall. I’m not saying it’s unfit for consumption, but the chance of anyone wanting seconds is going to be rather small.

Movie Review: The Social Network – Friend This Movie

A movie about starting a hit website sounds like it would be about as entertaining as watching paint dry. Somehow though this movie let’s you in on the thrills and pitfalls of a meteoric rise. It does so with wit and charm and a little exaggeration of the truth.

Movie Review: Inception – The Power Of Dreams

With Inception writer/director Christopher Nolan gets very ambitious, setting his sights on the ethereal world of dreams. In so doing he has created a masterful blend of action, suspense and psychological thriller.

Movie Review – Carnage (2011) (R)

There are many moments in Roman Polanski’s Carnage that elicited laughter from me, but that doesn’t mean that I found it funny. If anything, it was an unconscious reaction, a defense mechanism against the ugliness the film depicts. The only experience I can liken it to is listening to your parents fight; as they scream at each other, you find yourself doing whatever’s necessary to distract yourself, be it laugh, clap your hands, or simply cover your ears. If you examine this story from a distance, you may find that it really isn’t a comedy at all.

Movie Review – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) (PG-13)

I’ve seen all the previous Mission: Impossible films, and while I do recall liking them to varying degrees, I’m hard pressed to say that I remember anything about their plots, characters, stunts, special effects, or even their casts. What I do remember, obviously, is that they all starred Tom Cruise. With Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Pixar veteran Brad Bird not only makes his live-action directorial debut, he’s also eager to have you forget the first three entries in the series entirely. He succeeds.