Freeview Television in New Zealand

Freeview offers more than just free channels, it also offers clearer pictures because it no longer utilizes the old analog system, in fact, with freeview and with an HD capable television, you can actually view High definition channels without the added cost. Read more…

Larry Laverty: One Inspirational Actor

Larry Laverty spent his early years as an actor in Hollywood, broke, with no car and no home. Living mostly in a rundown residential motel, and while walking and taking the bus to each meeting and audition, he held his determination. It was the career of an actor for him, or nothing at all.

New Documentary Film Is an Oscar Hopeful

Due for release in eighteen months the film is called Olympia, after her grandmother. Samar says, “I titled the film after my grandmother because she was one of the women that left Lebanon during WW1. The Ottoman Empire at that time gave permission for the women and children to leave, but needed the men to stay behind to fight the war and work in the mountains of Turkey.

How Casino Royale Was Shot

When Casino Royale was announced as the next James Bond film at the end of 2005, James Bond fans were both eager to see what the filmmakers did with Ian Fleming’s first story, but worried too that they would mess it up. After all, they had waited years for the film to be made properly and MGM was only awarded filming rights in 1999 after a legal battle with Sony; Fleming had sold the rights separately from the remainder of the books, which is how a comedy version came to be made in 1967. While the original novel by…

Most Disturbing Movie Sex Scenes Ever

Sex scenes in films are normally romantic, sensual and steamy. Sometimes they’re a little awkward, sometimes funny or amusing, and sometimes a tad disturbing. Then there are the scenes that are just downright disgusting.

A Few Tips For Choosing The Best Satellite TV Provider

When you are tired of the inconsistency of cable, make a switch to get a satellite TV provider instead. However, there are usually several companies to choose from in your area, and you want to ensure that you pick the best one. Here are a few things to consider to help you avoid choosing the wrong provider.

Mad About a Girl Called Tulisa

The only girl group to get through to any final of the X Factor was mentored by none other than Tulisa Contostavlos. 2011 is the first year that Tulisa was a judge on the X-factor, in it’s eighth series of the highly popular show. It was a case of the young ones on this year’s X Factor with acts mentored by the new judges all getting through to the final.

A Personalised Number Plate for a Personable Lorraine Kelly

One of the UK’s most popular Breakfast TV presenter Lorraine Kelly was awarded an OBE this year. One way to celebrate her career is to give her a gift of her personalised number plate.

Stefan Salvatore

This article is about the character Stefan Salvatore from Vampire Diaries. It gives a description about him and also about his series background.

Why Do We Love Reality Shows?

Over the past 10 years there has been an increase in reality shows, talent shows and the like. Shows which are bringing in the rating are Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Dancing On Ice, Come Dancing, The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent to name just a few.

Make Your Community More Attractive and Create a Sense of Community With an Outdoor Movie Event

Getting to know your neighbors has many benefits. Good neighbors can help each other, look out for each other and sometimes even become great friends. Getting to know your neighbors is particularly important for residents of smaller communities like apartment or condo complexes, retirement homes and gated communities. Fun social activities provide an opportunity for community residents to relax and get to know their neighbors,and creates a secure sense of community that encourages long term tenants and improves the value of the community or complex.

5 Movies to Watch During Black History Month

Black History Month is a time to remember important events in Black history and to celebrate important people and achievements. There are a variety of great films to choose from that are inspirational, emotional, entertaining and sometimes eye opening. These five films are all excellent choices to watch and celebrate Black History Month.