How To Convert Your Action Movie-Hating Girlfriend or Boyfriend in 5 Easy Steps

Watching a great film can be one of the most relaxing or exciting ways to spend an evening. Seeing a good film in your favorite theater complete with snacks and comfortable chairs is even better. It is not uncommon for many low key dates to be a delicious dinner finished by a fun theatrical experience. However, what should be a fun an easy night out can turn into a long drawn out discussion regarding what type of film to see. Do you tend to enjoy seeing action flicks but your significant other does not? No worries! This is a common problem. Here is how to convert your girlfriend of boyfriend into loving action movies in 5 easy steps.

Dangal – A Must Watch

I must acknowledge that after a long time I felt I received value for the money after watching this inspiring movie. The sports drama film based on the real-life journey of India wrestler sisters Geeta and Babita Phogat is compelling to watch for several reasons. Dangal, meaning a wrestling competition offers a riveting story, will fascinatingly captivate your attention until the end, overthrowing your prediction as to what will happen next.

TV Sitcom Characters Who Take Up Skydiving

Coming home from spring break, we passed by a skydiving venue off I-75 near Tampa. It appeared an attractive place and, as we looked on from the expressway, my passenger felt tempted to give it a try. No matter how enticing the place was, I wanted no part of it.

5 Ways To Find Your Favorite Cult Movies (And Discover New Favorites)

Whether they’re hideous, hilarious, or just plan hard to stop watching, cult movies-over-the-top or quirky movies that develop an obsessively loyal fanbase over the course of generations-can provide some of the most memorable and entertaining connections with cinema that any kind of movie watching experience has to offer. If you’re looking for ways to find more airings or public screenings of your favorite cult movies, discover “new-to-you” cult movies or add to your permanent cult collection, these 5 tips can help you successfully connect with some of the best cult movie opportunities available.

5 Elements To Look For When Choosing A Family Movie

While no two family movies are alike, the best ones (meaning the ones that prove to be the most enduring in a family’s movie library), seem to have a few shared characteristics. So whether you’re looking for your family’s next “E.T.” or its next “Lego Movie”, here are some selection tips that can help you pick the best family movie to go see, purchase or rent.

How To Choose The Best Film To Watch When You Rarely Go To The Movies

There is something so magical about watching a movie. Whether you’re by yourself or with someone, even with a group, the ability to ride the “suspension of disbelief” wave during the course of a film is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life. But if you’re not a frequent movie watcher, you’ll have a few decades of films to watch.

5 Interesting Trends in Current Movies That Are Worth Noting

With the granddaddy of all awards shows in the books, we can seemingly look back at movies of the last year, as well as current movies, and realize that there are some intriguing trends emerging. On the surface, it may seem as though we’re doing a bit of a disservice to some of these films as they tend to be very different from each other. Nonetheless…

5 Must Watch Matt Damon Movies

1. Good Will Hunting (1997) The movie script is jointly written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The movie deals with quite a complex theme highlighting the unique characteristics of human relationships and social problems.

How To Decide If An Action Movie Is Appropriate For Your Child

As a parent, you want to make sure your child is getting the best education possible and learning things at a pace that is appropriate for him or her, all while blending in well with other same-aged children. That is why it can be very difficult knowing when to allow your child to see certain action movies. Most of us have been there when a child is begging to see a new release because all of his friends have already been to the theater. Consider the following suggestions and tips to help you decide whether he is ready to see that particular movie:

Casino Flicks – Missing The Moments Is Crime

Anomaly is part of life and it reflects badly when criticized publicly. Many watch tons of casino movies or spend hours playing the best online casino. However, anomalies change the scope of things forever for you, of course only when you notice them. For an example, many gambling movies have a lot of absurdness in them and that make watching the flick a painful experience. Even movies scoring more than $500 million at the making cost of $150 million like Casino Royale have discrepancies in it. Well, here is a collection of the missing moments of some great casino movies Hollywood produced and the audience watched.

5 Ways To Get Even More Out Of Family Movies

When you want to plan a night of entertainment for the whole family, chances are good that you will consider some family movies as an option, and for good reason. A night of indulging in a few films can be a memorable and satisfactory evening for each family member, from young to old. The evening can be made even better if you do just a few things to enhance the experience. Take a look at the following suggestions for making the most of your family get-together:

How To Watch A Movie While Enjoying A Meal (Even When You’ve Never Done It Before)

Going to the movies has been nothing more than a basic experience for quite some time, filled with basic food fare being nothing to write home about at all. Luckily, the movie-going world has steadily been changing for the better in recent years, allowing the public the chance to not only watch a movie but also watch a movie while enjoying a meal.