Is The Star Wars Blu-ray Boxed Set The End of George Lucas?

Before I even write another word I need to let you know that there are some spoilers in here so if you’re totally clueless as to what the Star Wars Blu-ray set is going to bring you then read on but I warned you in advance! For many fans they had their hopes on Lucas finally giving the fans what they wanted – an original and uncut version of the movies with all the previously deleted scenes included. And to a certain extent that’s what has happened.

The Most Notable BMW Car Chase Movie Scenes

Most adventure movie fans would agree that there is something special about a BMW car chase scene. The mixture of the smooth, classic car and the exciting chase creates an adventurous spectacle watchers can’t help but to become mesmerized by. Of all the BMW chases, two notable ones in particular have risen to the top and captured the hearts of BMW lovers everywhere.

Movie Review of Maria Full of Grace by Joshua Marston

‘Maria Full of Grace’ is a popular Colombian-American film by Joshua Marston that garnered huge critical acclaim. It is a great piece of cinematic art and entertainment for serious film lovers.

The Most Notable Classic Porsche Car Chase Movie Scenes

Who does not love a good car chase scene, especially when a beautiful Porsche is involved? Porsches are such sleek sports cars that they add drama and visual flair to any Hollywood car chase scene. Simply put, they make it more exciting.

Great British TV Win at the Emmys

Its official, British TV shows are rocking the world. The recent Emmy Awards prove that Hollywood adore its British imports with the success of awards for some great TV shows and dramas.

The 5 Best Movie Kisses

What a wonderful message from a kiss. While there are several different takes on the best kisses on the big screen, and the list could go on for miles and miles, the five best movie kisses would have to start with…

How To Become A Movie Producer

The film industry is a tough business but if you want to be in movies you need to know the ground rules. Here are some ways to get involved in film.

Movie Review: Straw Dogs (2011)

It’s a testament to the power of Straw Dogs’ story (Sam Peckinpah’s adaptation of Gordon Williams’ novel) that the 2011 remake is still entertaining despite its numerous shortcomings in both complexity and artistry to its predecessor. Director Rod Lurie’s retelling trades conflicted characters and intricate ideals of bravery and cowardice with plain-dealing motives and basic revenge; Peckinpah’s flair for operatic visuals is sadly absent. So too is the contemplative nature of the whole affair – the ambiguity and subtleties within every character’s actions have been replaced with spoon-fed notions of right and wrong.

Movie Review: Drive (2011)

Drive is poetic with its minimalism, excessive in its violence, and artistic with its presentation. But while it wisely develops its characters first so that we can appreciate their plights, it fails to deliver on catharsis. The methodical build of intensity and operatic music cues offers so much promise for a truly explosive climax, but Drive seems unwilling to commit to such a satisfying culmination even when its characters are introduced with limitless capabilities and no lack of brutality.

James Gunn’s Super Review

It may seem like the market is getting saturated with faux superhero stories. But maybe that is because they all seemed to have come out at around the same time. The most notable one was Kick-Ass, since it was very well received and even got a Brit Awards screenplay nomination besides appearing in various film critics Top 10 lists. In reality, there are only about four of these kind of films, all released within the last three years.

Hulu Plus Review – What You Need to Know About Hulu Plus

Let’s get to the meat of it. You didn’t come to read this Hulu Plus review to read statistics. You wanna know if it’s worth paying for when you get Hulu for free. So let’s get to it then, here’s my Hulu Plus review.

Top 10 Summer Box Office Movies

As has been the trend in the last couple of years, this summer has seen the same kind of offering fans have been used to (with the exception of The Help). Cinema screens have been filled by the annual wizard boy, battling automobiles and comic heroes. This summer also saw the return of the Fast series and the rare sequel from Pixar, which was even more rarely, critically panned.