Magic Videos – Tricks and Magicians

Since I started as a magician I was always watching other magicians mostly on video, for the great magicians like David Copperfield, Lance Burton, and Greg Fuwen, Michal Ammar and many others only existed on tape. I live in South Africa and they are all over the world. The magicians that I watched the most Lance Burton, Greg Fuwen, David Copperfield and Michal Ammar for this reason I mentioned their names.

The Highly Anticipated Twilight Saga Eclipse Release

Many Twilight fans have been anxiously awaiting the soon to be released Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which will hit theatres on June 30th. We can expect more action in this part of the Twilight series, which will probably please the male audience.

When You’re Strange – A Film About the Doors Review

When You’re Strange, a film about The Doors, written and directed by Tom DiCillio and narrarated by Johnny Depp, is a documentary that consists of seen and unseen footage. It showcases how the band’s run coincided with the rise and demise of the flower generation, while set to a soundtrack of Doors songs that sound as strong or stronger, then they ever have.

LSD Review

What seemed like a tiny blip on the radar has by now completely shaken the entire network of film industry spread across the country. Easily a milestone in Indian cinema this path breaking film is arguably better than most blockbusters released this year, or for that matter any year.

Katyn Massacre in 1940

After the tragic plane accident in Smolensk, where the Polish President, Lech Kaczynski, his wife and 94 passengers among them high rank Polish dignitaries lost life, there is a great demand for Andrzej Wajda’s movie “Katyn”. Polish television TVP is getting a lot of inquiries about the movie.

Lee Dewyze Performance

As the American Idol season comes closer to the finale, it’s no surprise that the final few remaining contestants will need some extra tips and tricks to make it to the final round. This past week the theme was Elvis, and to prepare they each took on a mentoring session with Adam Lambert, the runner up of American Idol for last season. Sure, the contestants all probably used Adam’s advice to aid their performances this week.

Twilight Saga – Eclipse DVD Release – Another Blockbuster DVD?

When Twilight was released on DVD, it sold 3.8 million units in the first two days, generating more than 180 million dollars in DVD sales. New Moon was even better, selling 4 million copies in the first weekend.

LMS Creates Preparation and Perception For Employee Benefit Programs – Undercover Boss

Herschend Family Entertainment is once again under the spotlight with the widely admired TV series “Undercover Boss”. Herschend Family Entertainment has established a thriving business over the years and provides decent family entertainment, with 22 properties spread over 9 states. Just to make his business competent, Joel Manby, President and CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment goes in secret with the goal of getting familiarized with the shop floor jobs, evaluating their operational methods in the bid to find out the best for his company.

Review of the Film Death on the Nile

The 1978 classic saw Peter Ustinov star as the fictional, Belgium detective Hercule Poirot and his travelling companion Colonel Race who was played by David Niven. As the boat cruised down the Nile stopping at places including the Temple of Karnak, Aswan and the Temple of Abu Simbel, other passengers were also being killed.

Dragon Tales – 3 Reasons This Show is One of the Best

Dragon Tales is a show on PBS Kids that has done an outstanding job of entertaining its audience while also providing a source of education. Below are 3 reasons this show is one of the best on television.

Renting Movies Online Vs From a Store – How Do You Save Money?

Online movie rentals services are becoming more and more popular. This is mainly because of the time and money they save the consumer as opposed to renting movies from a traditional bricks and mortar type store. Find out how you can save money as opposed to renting in store in this article.

Online Movie Rentals – The Number of Titles on Offer at Blockbuster

Online movie rentals services are becoming more and more popular. This is mainly because of the time and money they save the consumer as opposed to renting movies from a traditional bricks and mortar type store. Find out the number of titles on offer at Blockbuster in this article.