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Curb Your Enthusiasm is a Barrel of Laughs

I’m a big lover of some good television shows and I’m always on the lookout for new ones. Whether it’s a long running show on a mainstream channel or something new on a cable channel, I’m always enjoying some of the many great original productions in existence. I’d like to talk about two great shows that you should definitely consider if you’ve never seen them before.

What If the Sex and the City Girls Were Couriers?

My wife has a huge thing for Sex and the City so, when I arrived home from one of my self-employed courier jobs, I wasn’t surprised to see her slumped out in-front of her favourite box set. Watching it with her got me wondering, what if the four thirty-somethings weren’t sophisticated New Yorkers, but rather four down-to-earth couriers holding down self-employed courier jobs in good old Blighty?

The Baader Meinhof Complex – A Thorough Film Review

I’ll be the first to admit that my knowledge of world history and monumental events that occurred pre-1990 is nothing short of pathetic. I am definitely not what you would call a “buff.” With that being said, it should come to no surprise to you that before watching The Baader Meinhof Complex (Der Baader Meinhof Komplex), I knew little to nothing about the German terrorist group the Red Army Faction (RAF) or the impact they had on both European and world history. So I will not be able to partake in the argument as to whether or not the film is historically and factually accurate. Instead, I will judge the film on the success that it has on being just that, a film.

William Castle – The Work of the Legendary Horror Director

With over fifty movies on his resume, it’s a shame William Castle’s name doesn’t come up as frequently as Hitchcock’s or Argento’s when discussions arise on the icons of the horror genre. Don’t get me wrong, his movies were never celluloid perfection or anything like that. But certain classics like Straigh-Jacket, Mr. Sardonicus and many others possessed a campy flare that most horror buffs can’t help but pleasantly enjoy.

The True Face of Talent Shows Such As X Factor

I must firstly admit, I am guilty of watching talent shows, and it must only be because I find them entertaining. However, I have found myself asking what the effects of these shows will be on the future of music. Will all artists come into the mainstream through such shows and do these people really have any talent?

A Dead Man Meets a Nobody

The industrialization of life and what it brings about is a theme that many writers and filmmakers have developed in their works. From “Wuthering Heights”, by Emily Bronte, in which Heathcliff is the character who is the symbol of the harsh industrial world to “Unknown Citizen”, by Auden, which demonstrates how a human being has lost his individuality in a soulless world and reduces into a confined being. In cinema, one of the…

X Factor – The 100 Million Pound Show

While the UK may be in a recession (though possibly the tail end of it), some industries seem completely unaffected by it, more particularly entities within the industries. X Factor is one such show, though it has been affected by financial pressures, X Factor has been a show that seemingly has hit gold.

Uttar Ke Puttar Eliminated From Semi Final of Dance Premier League on Sony

On 19th December, 2009 Uttar Ke Puttar is eliminated from semi-final round of Dance Premier League on Sony Entertainment Television. In the semi-final round of DPL – Uttar Ke Puttar, Western Yodha, Southern Sizzlers and Central Surmas had participated.

An Unusual, Unsettling Film – The Healer

This film wants us to ask ourselves, what is a good life? Can one be sick, or hurt, physically or emotionally, and still forge a good life?

American Darwinism

For nearly the entire history of the world, sports have acted as the main and most popular diversion for thousands of cultures. From the ancient Romans’ Gladiator battles, to the Greek Olympics, and modern day sports, such as baseball, football, and soccer, humans have continually been fascinated with ideas of physical trials, competition, and ultimately utter domination. Essentially, a form of social Darwinism, American culture particularly, has manifested this instinct to participate in physical competition, into not only a past time, but also one of the most profitable forms of entertainment in the United States.

3 Tips on How to Buy Cheap DVD Movies

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