Premium Sports Packages

Just because football season ends in February, that does not mean that premium sports packages suddenly become useless. Plenty of other sports continue through the winter and more start up in the spring. You should have access to these on a great TV sports package. Here are just four of the most popular sports viewing options.

How to Audition for Disney

With all the creative movies and series from Disney Channel, it is not a surprise that it is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. Their theme parks alone entertain millions and millions of guests each year with their heartfelt and touching live plays and fireworks.

It’s Never Been Easier To Watch 3D Images!

If you have been to the movies a few times in the last couple of years, very likely you have been given the incredible opportunity to watch a movie with 3D images. Even if you didn’t see a 3D movie, many movies today have trailers and previews with 3D images that enhance the cinema experience. As a result of this exciting way of entertainment, researchers have developed a way to bring this right into your home. 3D TV’s are all the rage right now, and the basic principle is no different than that on the big screen.

Effective Casting Call Tips

If you are looking forward to play a part in a movie or to get a role in an upcoming production, a casting call is definitely what you should look for. Whenever there is an upcoming production, a casting call is usually released to inform the public or casting agencies on the need for actors and actresses to play the roles. It can be through online bulletin boards, word-of-mouth, or including industry trades.

The Golden Era of Hollywood Part I (1939-1948)

Everybody has a favourite decade of the movie industry. From the silent movies of the 20’s, The deeply dark film noir classics of the 40’s or even the ‘brat pack’ high school teen films of the 1980’s. What is your favourite era?

Urban Renewal With Outdoor Movies

The idea behind urban renewal efforts is to breathe new life into downtown areas that have seen neglect over the years, and to bring people back into these areas. Goals typically include drawing crowds into downtown areas, supporting local business and fostering a connection to the community and its success. Those in charge of planning events as part of redevelopment plans have been turning to outdoor movie events as a creative and effective way to help reach these goals.

The Hunger Games Book Online – Top Reasons to Get Excited About THE FILM

The Hunger Games has a stellar cast to portray the brutality of Panem’s horrific, yearly tournaments of death. Coming hot from X-Men: First Class, Jennifer Lawrence will play Katniss – a perfect choice to portray her strength and defiance.

Some of Disney’s Greatest Villains

Almost every single Walt Disney film has a hero, who by the end of the film has saved their bride to be, city, or even world from an evil person set on doing wrong. As there are so many of these do-gooders, its time that we shed light on just who was the biggest and baddest villain, and who plenty of us really agree should have won and had their own way!

Romance or Bromance: “This Means War” A Surprising Action Rom Com Flick

Men…go see the rom com This Means War. You read that correctly, I said “men”. At the moment, I am hard pressed to remember a film that blends romantic comedy and action with such balance and panache; it is as much a “guy film” as it is a “chick flick”.

State Tax Credits In Organizing A Show Budget

There are so many items that have to be considered when preparing a film production budget and one of them is the suitable state tax credits. In addition to the government tax benefits offered to citizens for payment of secondary education tuition, lots of states provide a deduction or tax credit as well. This section offers a state-by-state introduction for declaring or using the reduction or tax credit available from certain states.

Production Tax Credits Don’t Just Apply To Flicks

Usually, when one hears the term production tax credits, the first thing that one thinks of would be the entertainment industry. In that respect, if you’re shooting a film in New York, the incentive pertains to production costs incurred in New York State. Qualified productions include: Films, Episodic television series, television pilots and presentations, TV movies and miniseries.

Varieties Of Production Tax Credits

There may be some uncertainty in regards to what subject matter is referred to with regards to production tax credits. It could make reference to the entertainment industry for movie production, or for energy production. Companies that generate wind, solar, geothermal, and “closed-loop” bioenergy making use of dedicated energy crops qualify for a Production Tax Credit or PTC, which provides a 2.2-cent per kilowatt-hour benefit for the first a decade of a renewable power facility’s operation. Other technologies, such as “open-loop” biomass using farm and forest waste materials as opposed to dedicated energy crops, performance upgrades and capacity additions for existing hydroelectric facilities, smaller watering systems, land fill gas, and municipal solid waste, receive a lesser value tax credit of 1.0 cent per kWh.