The Internship Movie Information And Review

It could be Wedding Crashers all over again as Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson team up once again as salesman who must change careers. They end up in the digital age at Google, working as interns with a bunch of young twenty-somethings.

World War Z Movie Information And Review

Based on the novel of the same name, World War Z is an apocalyptic thriller that will leave you saying it’s the best zombie movie you have ever seen. While the movie deviates from author Max Brooks’ novel, its version is surprisingly good.

The Lone Ranger Movie Information And Review

It’s a modern twist on an old American west classic 1950s television show, The Lone Ranger. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, fresh off 2011’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, this new version features plenty of high-flying action and just enough comedy to make this a potential summer blockbuster.

The Wolverine Movie Information And Review

Fans of the X-Men series and the comic book hero, as well as many of their wives, will salivate over The Wolverine, the sixth installment within the mega-successful series. The movie features Hugh Jackman again as the main character as he battles with his immortality.

2013 – The Top 10 Movies Currently In Production

2013 is turning out to be another bumper movie year with some big titles heading our way. From sequels to franchise re-births, the movies currently in production and due for release in 2014 are set to be real show stoppers.

Paul Walker’s Biggest Films

Paul Walker has been in the public eye since he starred in the film “Varsity Blues” in 1999. Since then, he has made several exciting and memorable films, but he is best known for his work in the films from “The Fast and the Furious” series. This summer, “The Fast and the Furious 6” hits theaters, and this newest release gives fans a reason to revisit some of his other top films.

Animal Planet Mermaids Documentary Draws Record Number of Viewers

‘Oh sweet sirens of the sea, how much the world does long for Ye’. While Animal Planet managed to achieve a record number of viewers for their most recent Mermaid documentary, there’s definitely a tongue in cheek attitude behind the project that deserves at least a degree of appreciation for pulling the whole stunt off. As much as the 3.6 million viewers who tuned into the documentary may have been hoping to get a good check out of Wanda’s fins, the fact is that the project was little more than a publicity stunt that has, weirdly, actually worked. Following up from last years Mermaid: Body Found, this episode promised not just startling new footage but also the support of respected marine biologists in the production of the show. This was enough to get the viewers interested, at least in a core demographic – it is estimated that half of the shows viewers were part of the influential 25-54 year old group (who tend to decide what goes on the tv).

Vin Diesel: America’s Favorite Action Hero

Vin Diesel is one of America’s most popular action movie stars. Women swoon at the sight of him, and men go to the gym to try to get muscles like his. It seems any summer movie starring Vin Diesel is sure to become a blockbuster.

KO 3 Anguo

KO 3 Anguo is a Taiwanese Drama and the third installment of the Zhong Ji series. This is preceded by KO One and The X-Family.

Love Is All You Need – A New Film Report

What a beautiful film! It gives me such pleasure to report on a film which has some terribly deft humor along with a moving story of love–actually, a number of stories concerned with that subject–but one warmer than the other ones.

How Subtitles Can Improve the Movie Watching Experience

Many people are fond of watching movies in the original language. Indeed, there are many advantages of watching undubbed movies. While hearing the original language of heroes, we can better feel the atmosphere and emotions of the film.

Top 3 Animation Movies For Kids

Over the past two decades, animated movies have become more and more popular. In the past five years, animated films have dominated the box office grossing well over $1 billion.