Sharkwater – Chasing Sharks and Dreams on Satellite TV

The best part of having satellite TV is randomly coming across fantastic programming that you never knew existed, (well, maybe its the second best thing – after the NFL Sunday Ticket – we must keep our priorities straight, after all). Channel surfing can be a great way to discover new dramas, new movies, news shows, or any of the other multitude of available programs. If you’re paying attention, you might learn how to cook or get up-to-date on current events. In fact, it would be difficult not to learn something from satellite TV.

Top 5 Gael Garcia Bernal Movies

He’s got talent, brains, and devastating good looks. This one-time Mexcian telenovela star has certainly broken the bounds of the modern movie star, carefully selecting scripts and appearing in movies in many different countries and languages. You won’t want to miss any of his films, most or all of which air on satellite TV (or, of course, can be found on DVD), but above all, these are the top 5 movies starring Gael Garcia Bernal that you don’t want to miss.

Shakespeare Comes to Life on Satellite TV

Whilst many of us have had the either pleasure or chore of reading the great English bard in high school, there is something left to be had in the reading. Shakespeare wrote plays after all, which were meant to be performed. Of course, plays are not always for everyone-but luckily, many of the playwright’s greatest hits have been filmed by some of Hollywood’s greatest stars. So even if you can’t go to the Globe theatre to catch Hamlet live, you can tune up your satellite TV and watch the brooding Dane in HD-almost as good, I’d say, as the live version.

5 Best Sitcoms on Satellite TV From the 1990s

The 1990s saw the birth of one of the most interesting mediums in television: the sitcom. “Situational Comedies” swept across cable and satellite TV, creating the perfect blend of humor, drama, and romance for the entire family to follow.

Listen to These Five Great Film Scores on Satellite TV

We all love to watch movies, but what about listening to them? Some movies are memorable for their stunning cinematography while others have great scores. The music that plays during the movie plays just as an important role as the actors and actresses.

The Oxygen Channel

The Oxygen Channel was once something of a dowdy, square affair, catering to women who watched Oprah. Now they have re-launched with the aim of attracting the young and the hip. To that end, they’ve got a whole new slew of reality programs. They changed their slogan to ‘live out loud’ and their logo features a big, bright yellow O. It’s definitely catchy.

Going Zen – Shows on Satellite TV That Help You Live a Better Life

Who says TV has to be unhealthy? In reality TV can actually inspire you to change your life. Here is a sampling of shows that help you to live better. Tune up your satellite TV to catch these great, inspirational programs.

Clone High Canceled

For those of you that may now know what Clone High was, Clone High was a television show that originally aired on MTV on Monday nights as part of MTV’s “Ten Spot.” Many Clone High enthusiasts such as myself have debated why the show was canceled.

Flirting With the Supernatural – Vampires, Ghosts, Zombies and More on Satellite TV

The supernatural, the out-of-this-world, and the downright creepy have always held our fascination. Who, really, can shirk off a good ghost story? Even if you’re a strict skeptic who prefers Richard Feynman lectures and the History Channel in HD, it’s hard not to be drawn in by what goes bump in the night. There’s mystery to be had in life and satellite TV is a great medium to indulge in our penchant for the unknown. Here’s a list of some of my favorite must see supernatural TV shows- of course, there’s a lot more out there but here’s a start.

Satellite TV Shows That Can Change a Mother’s Life

As a mother, you have to juggle a million and one different things at once. You simply don’t have time to take a break and stare at the tube for a couple hours. However, with a little technological savvy-learn how to make the best out of your DVR– and a satellite TV subscription, you can have your cake and eat it too. Even if you don’t watch that much TV in the first place, what you do watch could make a big impact in your life. Here are four programs that you should put on heavy rotation on your DVR.

Uma Thurman’s Oeuvre on Satellite TV

Uma Thurman isn’t what you’d call a conventional screen beauty. She’s tall and lanky, with sandy blonde hair; her nose protrudes distinctly and she has a sort of off kilter grace about her. Uma was born in Boston but her family was quite the multi-culti group. Her mother Nena Birgitte Caroline von Schlebrugge is a half Swedish half-German model born in Mexico, while her father, Robert, is a professor at Columbia, and the first Westerner to be ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk. Uma was actually named after an Dbuma Chenpo (the db is silent).

Tim Burton’s Batmobile

Fictionally, one of the most perfect cars is the Batmobile. Admit it, if all of us could have one, we would.