Film Review

Dead man is a story of young man who has lost his parents and has left Cleveland (his hometown) to get a job as an accountant in town of machine, in Dickenson Company. But he arrives late, and another person has been replaced.

Interview with Charlaine Harris on the HBO Series True Blood

In 2008 HBO will air the TV series True Blood (tentatively scheduled for March) based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries. The print books feature the mind-reading Louisiana barmaid Sookie Stackhouse who finds herself intimately involved with the vampire subculture.

Last Roundup for a Star

A few closing words on the recent death of the young movie star…I forgot his name. dls

Heath Ledger

The big Hollywood story saw the untimely death of one of the best Australian young actors today. Heath Ledger was found dead lying on his bed after a massive cardiac arrest. He left an ex-fiance and a daughter as well as his millions of fans who have seen him grows from a teeny-bopper actor until he took more mature roles.

Seinfeld – A Show About Nothing with Something For Everyone

Jerry Seinfeld, a New York-born stand-up comedian, had little interest in doing a TV show when he was approached in 1988 by American TV channel NBC to attend a creative meeting. Unhappy with his small recurring role on the TV show ‘Benson’, he felt like it was a limited medium and not right for his brand of comedy. He had already appeared several times on the ‘Tonight Show’ with Johnny Carson and on a Rodney Dangerfield HBO special, giving him enough publicity to make a living of the touring comedy circuit.

Bollywood Stars Rumors and Facts

Bollywood international stars such as Shilpa Shetty, Aishwarya Rai, Govinda and Anil Kapur are always in the news. Bolly-wood brings you the latest Bollywood stories and actress news, reviews, rumours and facts.

200 Pounds Beauty

Review on the Korean movie, 200 Pounds Beauty. Starring Kim Ah Joong and Joo Jin Mo. Hanna (played by Kim Ah Joong) is a really fat girl who is often teased by people, thus leading to her lack of confidence. She decided to go for a plastic surgery and it lead to a major change in her life.

DVD Region Codes – How To Beat Them

DVD Region Codes are an attempt by the movie industry to prevent consumers from watching DVDs legally acquired from other countries. It’s an indefensible, anti-free trade practice – and movie fans can beat the studios at their own game.

Steven Moffat To Write The New Tintin Movie

The Tintin movie is slowly building momentum and Spielberg and Jackson are quite deliberately putting in place the pieces needed to produce what most Tintin fans hope to be a wonderful recreation of their beloved Belgium boy detective. The person linked to the writing of this large Hollywood production is one Steven Moffat who is most famous for writing the better episodes of the new Doctor Who series.

TV Revival and Survival – Vintage Entertainment

With the development of DVD, downloading and digital on demand, we are no longer bound to the TV shows that are currently on the box. This has led to a surge in popularity for classic TV shows that many remember with happy nostalgia.

Speculation and the Death Of Heath Ledger

Except for a couple incidents with paparazzi Heath Ledger’s life was seemingly devoid of scandal. In death the press if not the country wishes to produce a scandal.

Did Cloverfield Live Up To Its Hype?

The gigantic monster menace is not as widespread in Occident as it is in old Asian legends. First thing I thought about when I saw the preview of Cloverfield a long time ago was Godzilla, one of the most recognizable symbols of Japanese popular culture.