Information For Finding Twilight Bags and Gifts Online

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The Top 5 Late Period Michael Caine Films on Satellite TV

Michael Caine is one actor who makes the craft look so easy that we underestimate the skill behind it. Like Anthony Hopkins, another elegant elder statesman of the British acting community, Caine can drift into any scene without a hitch. He seem like he was made for the movie – any movie. Here are the top five films of Caine’s “Late Period,” when he has embodied that gray-haired character so well and delighted moviegoers with his charm and wit.

What Can We Learn From South African Film Locations?

District 9, released in 2009, is a science-fiction movie, reflecting many realities of South Africa’s past and present. It was a block-buster hit of 2009, and to date, has grossed $200 million.

2012 – The Movie – The Good – Part 1 of 3

2012 – The Movie was on my list of “To Do’s” yesterday and I’m so glad that I saw it, because I’m not nearly as concerned as I was, about people being frightened by it. So here is the first part of my 3 part critical analysis.

2012 The Movie – Part 3 of 3 – The Farcical Aspects

To describe some of the belly-laugh scenes I won’t be giving anything away because as I said in Part 2 – everything is just so predictable. Background to this section – 2012 – the movie is based on a modern day version of Noah’s Ark.

Julia Roberts – Still a Driving Force in Hollywood

For a number of years Julia Roberts was easily the most billable woman in Hollywood, the highest paid actress, and the most sought after in the business. Although she has decreased her public profile of late, this has certainly been a conscious choice on her part and she remains one of the most powerful drawing forces in Hollywood.

The Early Days of Television Were Exciting

Remember running home from school in the late ’40s, pouring a glass of milk and grabbing a few cookies then plunking yourself down in front of a massive piece of furniture housing a ten TV inch screen? You’d turn it on and watch the soundless test pattern waiting for the buzz to begin. This sound signaled that in just a few minutes Howdy Doody and his friends would be pumped into your living room in glorious black and white. If this experience was part of your distant pass, you’re a pre-boomer.

’90s Nostalgia – Matthew McConaughey’s Big Breakout Role

In the first of my new Classic Movie Rentals Recommendation Series, I review A Time to Kill (1996). If you have some time to kill, go and rent A Time to Kill, based on John Grisham’s first novel, which was rejected by a bevy of publishers and only dusted off again after he became a success with later novels. It, and the movie, were worth the wait.

The Fourth Kind Review

How many of us have wondered if life exists elsewhere in the galaxy apart from Earth? I know that I have certainly thought about that and will always be curious if we’ll ever have concrete confirmation of this. I have always been a believer in the paranormal and extra-terrestrials. There have just been too many cases of people that have had encounters, experiences, visuals and phenomenon happen to them.

Make Your Independent Film a Hit Through Poster Prints

Promoting your independent film is a basic marketing strategy to make your movie a blockbuster. There are various styles of film promotion and one which is very affordable is through poster prints.

The Real Story Behind Black Hawk Down

The 2001 American war film Black Hawk Down was based on the Battles held at Mogadishu. The United States army raided this town to capture Somali warlord and drugs dealer Mohammed Farrah Aidid.

A New Vision of Halloween – Really?

Halloween – A holiday for devious tricks and delicious treats. Rob Zombie has picked up from where he has left off with his Halloween movie remake franchise. Does his vision stay true to the original series?