Toronto Actor Lands 2 Lead Roles in Hollywood

You can say that things are picking up for Toronto actor Dan Hayes who is set to play the lead roles in two movies that will start rolling this Fall: Silver Chain and Finding Larry. And this is right after he has completed filming a supporting actor role in “Going Down in La La Land.”

Watching the World Go by

Parks are places where people can spend their time in slow motion. A stop at a park bench invites us to take time to wait, to observe, to talk. The enchanting character of park benches enables them to be the place for meetings and for exchange. This characteristic has made them wonderful props in motion pictures.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

First of all, is should be acknowledged that Terry Gilliam had a stroke of genius when he cast Tom Waits as the devil in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Gilliam has described Waits as a man who “sings about the angels with the voice of Bellezebuth.” That can’t be disputed. When the devil, or Mr. Nick as he is later referred to, asks a monk played by Christopher Plummer if he is a betting man, even a gambling addict from Las Vegas would tell the monk to stay away.

Why Men Should Watch Movies Alone

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie pretty badly only to have the whole experience ruined by a friend who kept asking, “What did she say?”, “what was that?” and “can you please pass the popcorn?” Since childhood, we have been fed with a dull notion that you should always go to a movie hall in a group. People say its much more fun watching movies with friends, why is that?

Financing Films – Use Your Tax Credits For Film Cash and Working Capital

Despite several major positives on the 2010 horizon financing films, the job of getting film cash and working capital is still a challenge for Canadian productions. Utilizing your tax credits in a creative and timely fashion is one method of raising capital in three of the main entertainment segments in Canada; they include film, television and digital animation credits. Owners of productions in these segments can be forgiven for feeling lost or having difficulty in moving a production forward.

The Fast and the Furious – Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel was born on July 18, 1967 and was originally called Mark Sinclair Vincent and is an actor, writer, director and producer. He also has a twin brother, a younger brother and a sister. Diesel first started to become known in the early 2000s for his roles in the incredibly successful The Fast and the Furious and xXx.

Road Home

Road Home is the first film I have seen directed by Zhang Yimou. It is a pleasantly realized story about love – likable and effortless.

Internet Products Are Changing How We Watch TV – Hulu Plus, Netflix and Google TV

Are internet products and services like Hulu Plus, Netflix and Google TV changing how we watch TV? Will Cable TV be a thing of the past? Here is a brief overview of internet products that are challenging Cable TV.

CHUCK Season 3 – Forget the Naysayers, Try It – You Might Like It (I Know I Do)

It’s art, some people are going to get it, some won’t. With shows like Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies getting axed, it’s nice to have something out there like Chuck. I think it’s great and I look forward to seeing more episodes…

Review of Twilight Eclipse

If you are a Twilight fan, you will definitely love this movie. Otherwise, it can be quite lame.

Watch Movies Online, Get Shut Down

Federal agents seized seven domain names accused of allowing visitors to watch movies online free. This practice demonstrates that any domain is subject to federal action at will if it is suspected of violating government policy. Although movie industry claims surrounding the cost of piracy are spurious, people who access movie downloads can be subject to felony convictions that can easily involve jail time, fines, and restitution.

The Best British Soap Operas

The United Kingdom has pumped out many great TV soap operas over the years, full of memorable characters, and suspenseful storylines. In this article we look some of the best.