Magicians in Movies Always Keep Us Interested

In the magic movie Excalibur, the king was mortally wounded because he lost his grip to the sword. The sword was what the knights wanted to take. Before he dies the king drives Excalibur into a stone. Try as they might the knights cannot extract the sword from the stone. Years later, the boy taken by Merlin the Magician, now a teenager, tries his hand and removing the sword. He does so and is proclaimed the chosen one, he who is destined to be king of Britain. Arthur grows up as King of Britain with Merlin the Magician by his side.

DVD Decline – A Self Fulfilling Prophecy

The home entertainment industry has been on decline for some time now and with the recession the situation has only worsened. Every studio in Hollywood has been trying to figure out how to fix the problem with limited success. There are two major points that, while not helping the issue in my opinion, are certainly contributing to the problem…

Technofiction Review of Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons is a thriller based on a mixed bag of conspiracy theories that writer, Dan Brown, trolls from the Internet. He’s not too concerned about matching his world to the real world, and it shows. By the time the scene in the Large Hadron Collider is done, ten minutes into the movie, it is clear that this movie’s poetic license is going to be very important.

Star Trek Model Ships Have Fascinated Hobbyists For Decades

If ever there were a single franchise that completely fascinated hobbyists, it has to be Star Trek model ships. From the first TV voyage of the USS Enterprise in the mid-1960s to the recent blockbuster reboot of Star Trek on the big screen, dozens of ships from both the United Federation of Planets and its host of alien enemies have delighted modelers everywhere.

Most Popular Cooking TV Show – Iron Chef America

Iron Chef America is a most popular cooking TV show. This serial is a one hour show, here in every new serial there is a challenger Chef one who competes with the resident “Iron Chef” and the chef has to prepare the dish based on the theme ingredients. One primary ingredient, which is determined at the beginning of the battle, has to be included in five dishes. This surely is a competition in cooking and not a wrestling match.

Jedward Saved Over Lucie Jones – X Factor Losing Its Integrity?

Simon Cowell’s decision to take the judging to the public vote on last night’s X Factor saw Lucie Jones sent home, while the twins continue to wreak havoc. Is the X Factor about talent anymore?

True Crime Scene Investigations – How Do the TV Shows Measure Up?

There are numerous shows on TV these days that deal with Crime Scene Investigating (CSI). With over 80 channels on most basic cable providers it is a challenge for the avid fan of “True Crime” style programs to keep up with all the homicidal maniacs canvassing the broadcast world.

A Couple of Movies About Magic

One of my favorite movies about magic is Excalibur. It played in our local movie house for ninety nine cents a show. I went five times to see it in one week. I did not go to see the movie because of the magic. No, I went because of the story of King Arthur. There was another magic movie about King Arthur I had seen as a kid with my parents at the drive in. My parents would take me to the drive in because I would fall asleep by the middle of the movie so I would simply wrap myself up in my blanket in the back seat and drift off.

Twilight – Source For Christmas Gifts

Twilight can be a great source for gifts this Christmas. Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theaters November 20, 2009. Its popularity is expected to exceed that of the original offering and fans are flooding the internet fan sites with discussion of the new movie. With all of the hype and well-established interest in Edward, Bella, Jacob and company, you’ve got a ready-made grab-bag from which to draw Christmas gifts for the Twilight fan in your life.

Battle Star Galactica – “33” – Review

What remains of the human race is on the run from their conquerors the Cylons. The robot civilization bent on their destruction, has evolved human duplicates that are virtually indistinguishable from actual humans.

Gossip Girl Episode 8 – The Grandfather, Part 2

If you watched last week’s Gossip Girl episode, you know there’s tension brewing between S and B. Chuck tries to be the voice of reason, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. “The Grandfather” (Part 2), adds some political drama to the social drama, and Serena and Blair prove they can’t be on their behavior at important events.

“Reality” Television – Entertainment Or Addiction?

“Reality” television shows have dominated ratings for over a decade. There are millions of people who are completely obsessed and addicted to these shows, and never miss an episode. However, the stars of these shows can become overnight celebrities, or their lives can be left in ruins. Either way, money and fame is the ultimate motivation for these people who choose to become part of the “Reality” television phenomenon!