Reality Bites – Is it the End For Reality TV?

With the final season of Celebrity Big Brother beginning on UK television and the mooted final season of Big Brother this summer, is this the end of reality TV as we know it? Big Brother first began in the year 2000 however no matter how much shock value the producers have tried to inject to rescue flagging ratings, the viewers have grown weary of the tired format and bored of reality itself.

Liven Your Office Life With Buffy the Vampire Slayer Action Figures

Action figures make great conversation starters at the office. If you have a Buffy Summers action figure sitting on your cubicle wall, people will stop and ask about it.

A Brief History of Channel 4

Post-Newsweek Stations is the owner of WDIV-TV, or virtual channel 4, a television station affiliated with NBC. WDIV-TV is the group’s flagship station and is based in Detroit, Michigan. Hence, the news broadcast is known as channel 4 Detroit news.

Autographs From Zorro Creator Johnston Mcculley

Autographs from Zorro creator Johnston McCulley are nearly impossible to obtain. McCulley was not a public persona for most of his writing career. Despite a successful life writing numerous screenplays, novels, and short stories, he rarely, if ever, participated in book signings. McCulley seldom appeared at public events where his autograph could be obtained by his many fans.

Avatar – A Must Watch

Avatar is about how excessive desire drives people to err. They go a long way to achieve what they want. Pity, Mercy and Regret is forgotten all along while nature is patient, forgiving until a moment where It has no other option.

I’m Ready For My Close Up Darling – Why There Are No Ugly Vampires

This article discusses the obsession media has with beauty, and how even mythical creatures such as vampires are not exempt from such obsessions. Why are we so fascinated by beauty?

Twilight Series Mania

The series is based on the relationship between a young girl (17 years old) and a vampire. The vampires in the books and the resulting movies are “nice” vampires; they do not hunt humans but instead hunt animals in the forest when they are hungry.

TV For iPhone

During the first quarter of 2009, Apple filed brand new specs for a new technology that would enable live streaming multimedia directly to the iPhone and iPod Touch using HTTP protocols. In plain English, this means that Apple has taken note on third party corporations are making Live TV available to iPhone and iPod Touch users and it has become a very popular feature. Apple’s move seems to indicate that there might be a new application in the making which would allow current Apple customers to access live television in their mobile device.

Entertaining TV Shows to Watch in Winter 2010

I always enjoy watching television the most when it’s cold outside. While it’s true that the fall season brings me some of my favorite shows, I simply have to look at little harder to find some good programming during the winter months. It’s out there, but you simply have to dig a little deeper for it.

Maut Ka Khazana by Aahat TV Serial on Sony Entertainment Television

Recent episode of Aahat introduced as Maut Ka Khazana. The horror Show introduces a new type of fear and dark side of evil. The episode introduces with two friends who are traveling day and night for a treasure.

What Are the Spiritual Messages in Avatar, the Movie?

My husband and I took our kids to see the movie Avatar during Winter break and we loved it so much we went back to see it again. The reason why I loved the movie so much is because of one of its themes: “We are all one with each other, as well as with the animals, plants, trees and all of nature”. Here’s a few examples of how this theme is demonstrated in the move: The Na’Vi people live on a planet called Pandora.

“Dead Man” – A Film Review

Dead man by Jim Jarmusch was produced in 1995. It can be categorized under drama and fantasy and western genre. From the very beginning a sense of metaphoric exploration comes to mind and the title itself is metaphoric and meaningful.