Why Chicks Dig the New Star Trek

Girls have never been huge fans of Star Trek. But chicks sure are finding something to like with the new Star Trek movie that was just released. Here’s a tongue-in-cheek explanation of what makes this new version so appealing to women of all ages.

A Martial Artist’s View of “No Country For Old Men”

The 2007 Academy Award for Best Motion Picture went to a Coen Brothers film, “No Country For Old Men.” I just saw it on DVD, and it is the first film in a long time that I care to comment on from a martial artist’s perspective. Javier Bardim portrays a man that is incessantly referred as, “pure evil” in movie reviews. I beg to differ.

Fight Club

If you haven’t watch Fight Club, then watch it NOW! Please do not read this article until you have watched it at least three times.

Are You a TV Series Collection Junkie?

It was only a matter of time before your favorite TV series came to DVD. And once they did, you got to jump back into your past and enjoy series that have been off the air for years. But once you begin to collection TV series, it can be difficult to stop. As a result, you might find that you have more DVDs in your house that you though you could ever collect. You might want to consider ways to organize your TV series collection as you add to it, while also making sure your collection is filled with hits and not with DVDs that just take up space.

Review of Chuck Norris in Action

Is the field of martial arts one of the areas in life you are highly interested in? Do you love to regularly watch television programs and movies that concentrate on drama, law, police action or martial arts?

The Five Best Comedy Movies of the 2000s on Satellite TV

Having read the title, you probably immediately thought of at least six movies that, alas, aren’t on this list. Choosing “the best” is obviously somewhat subjective, so this list shouldn’t be the end all and be all, by any means. That said, here are our picks for the top five comedies from 2000 to today, all available on steady rotation on satellite TV.

The Food Channel Brings Cooking to Life

With the seemingly endless number of channels available on most basic cable networks these days, it can be easy to get lost amidst all the chaos. With a news program here, and a children’s cartoon show there, a sports program being broadcast on this network and a made-for-TV movie being rerun on that one, the choices can almost be too much. Rather than enjoy a nice hour of relaxation in front of the tube, all these channels can make for more frustration and indecisiveness than it is all worth. In the end, the point of watching TV is supposed to be for entertainment, and when all you do is flip around from station to station…

Seinfeld Has Audiences Laughing Years Later

There are dozens of new shows that are introduced to the television watching public each and every season. Different networks put together the best and the brightest ideas they have and throw together a few new shows every fall, hoping that one of them will stick and become a longstanding, household name within a couple of seasons. Broadcast on both cable and satellite TV, shows are offered one chance to succeed. As a result, staying power is extremely difficult to achieve in the television world. Consequently, the few shows that have lasted for over a decade are true champions of this ultra-competitive, cutthroat business.

Doctor Who – Facts

Know some interesting facts about the longest-running show in the world, Doctor Who. There is a lot to know about this show aside from its interesting story line.

Head to Cinemax For the Best Hollywood Hits

Looking for great Hollywood hits in HD? Well, look no more, with Cinemax, you get the best satellite television programming that money can buy. This movie channel has got all the box office smashes and more. You’ll find action movies, dramas, thrillers, sci-fi fantasy vehicles, scary, heart pounding horror movies, sports dramas and much, much more.

Best Beach Movies

Now that summer time is just around the corner, many people are starting to dream about the sand and surf. Exotic beach destinations have always been a favorite go to place for the summer holidays. It’s not a surprise, given the warm deep blue oceans, the brilliant white sand and the scrumptious eats that most beach locales have to offer.

15 Top Movies That Should Be on DVD, But Aren’t

I just did a quick inventory of all the great movie titles that have not been given their due on DVD, and the sheer quantity stunned me. I know that rights issues and other legal quandaries can tie up creative assets for years, but surely if determined minds really applied themselves, some resolutions could be reached.